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Online bullying

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An article I read this morning from Newsweek, The Rise of Righteous Online Bullies

suggests to me that the real threat to freedom of speech and honest, open discussion is not social media giants but individual online bullies that are sufficiently numerous to have a powerful ganging-up effect. 
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I get that those other people were acting inappropriately.

But then she really just needs to grow up. People were mean to her. Okay. This is not some new social issue. What we have here is pretty much everyday stuff, it isn't the kind that involves physical force even. What she's complaining about is that she has no rhetorical skill to get those people in line. "Let's keep politics out of this guys!" Is probably the worst response ever. 


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I stopped reading at "gender non-conforming individuals." But to answer your point, can't both be a problem? After all, the social media giants often enable the online harassers and bullies. The "victims" however should take some responsibility for policing their own pages when possible.  

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