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The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?

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The issue of whether or not The Statue of Liberty ought to shrug, meaning to allow (for a time) "the Blessings of Liberty" to go unsecured, is presented in the context of what "Atlas Shrugged" by examining whether or not Looters can be defeated by removing their freedom to loot, in a manner similar (and for similar reasons) to that taken by the Producers.  I believe our current President's political opinion that, "Healthcare is not a privilege, it's a right", along with our Former President's actions to overturn the election that unseated him, makes this a relevant discussion of political philosophy.

If, for example, Lady Liberty ought not to shrug due to the collateral damage for multitude of America's Eddie Willers (a character I personally identify with), then I think your conviction to the political philosophy expressed in Atlas Shrugged is compromised.  For similar reasons, a belief that I am comparing a work of fiction to real political events compromises your conviction by dismissing without addressing the underlying political philosophy involved.

Are we there yet?  I think not, but we are certainly already engaged in a showdown between those who favor the redistribution of wealth and those who don't.  And I believe that John Galt was essentially offering the same remedy against the very real prospect of wealth (property) redistribution we are facing today.


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With the restrictions placed on the producers in the past year, I did hear once the notion to take government to task for deprivation of property without compensation. On the other hand, many handouts where extended, some across the board, some to first come first served, and some by submitting the request in writing.

The looters currently cloak theft by repackaging it and are abetted in the process by the current philosophic climate. The Eddie Willers' in this context ring of the Dave Mitchems' of the world, again, show up to work, do their job, and hold a vague sense of justice, sense something is not quite right, but the struggle to put it into perspective keeps taking a back seat to the immediacy of any distraction of the moment that competing for attention.


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