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Stephen Hawking's "Black Holes: The Edge of the Universe" show on Netflix

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If anyone needs proof that modern theoretical science has been completely corrupted by bad philosophy, I encourage you to watch, at least, the first 15 minutes of this show.  This show is a good example of how bad philosophy can lead to complete skepticism regarding the validity of all scientific knowledge.  
Hawking starts with his assertion that "a black hole contains a lot of information" then makes an embarrassing chain of deductions that he should be ashamed of.  Notice how rationalists are more concerned with connecting ideas to other ideas rather than connecting their ideas to reality.  
Check out this chain of deductions:  a black hole contains a lot of information - it appears that information about what fell in a black is lost - the particles that come out of black holes seems to be completely random & bear no relation to what fell in - it can spit out anything: a piano, a trombone - that means that the basic nature of the universe is random - THERE AREN'T REALLY PHYSICAL LAWS WHICH GOVERN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE - if the predictability of the universe breaks up with black holes it can break down in other situations - if information is lost, we can't be sure of our past history either - the history books & our memories could just be illusions.
Just because we have no way of knowing the exact quantity of stars, planets, asteroids, gases, etc. that have been consumed by a particular black hole he jumps to the preposterous conclusion that the laws of physics are invalid in every context & that our own childhood memories might even be illusions.  You don't need to be scientist to know that just because we have no record of prehistoric times doesn't mean that there's no way for us to know whether F=MA or the inverse square law is valid in the context of space flight to the moon or Mars.
People actually listen to this nonsense and take him seriously because he's a celebrity scientist.  A black hole pulverizes anything that enters it yet matter is indestructible.  Matter changes forms, but it cannot cease to exist.  The idea that a black hole might randomly reconfigure that matter into a piano or trombone is beyond stupid.
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On 6/7/2021 at 9:38 PM, NameYourAxioms said:

he jumps to the preposterous conclusion that the laws of physics are invalid in every context & that our own childhood memories might even be illusions.

You missed the most important part: because this is preposterous and absurd, we should resolve the apparent contradiction. The theory it is based on must be fixed or a new theory must be proposed. Spoiler alert, they resolve the contradiction in the end. No one in the documentary claimed that the law of identity is invalid. 

Did you stop watching after 15 minutes?

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