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Guardians Of Equality

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I'm wondering if this kind of person sounds familiar to anyone here:

They are somewhat educated and intelligent and hold a job that requires a certain level of intelligence.

They lack ambition.

They spend a great deal of their time worrying about how their employer, or "transnational conglomerate corporations" are taking advantage of people.

They become interested in campaigns to sue Microsoft, or efforts to pass employee costs onto corporations, in which they hope to share a small part of the booty.

They are good with money, and make smart investments.

They do have some values, and appreciate material goods, but often worry about "living like the Jones's" when they should focus more on their goals.

They believe in progress and technology on some level, but they are often concrete bound about how such progress occurs (tend toward Marxist ideas about wealth accumulation).

They are like a more innocent version of Mayor Bascom from Atlas Shrugged.

The reason I ask this is that I have been coming across quite a few people like this in the past decade. People I have worked with from jobs at Motorola, Boeing, etc. They can be enjoyable to talk to, and even honest as friends on some level. Their lack of ambition is somewhat frustrating, but their ability to invest and save money is inspiring. They are often resistant toward Objectivism because they identify the philosophy as "corporate propoganda".

I'm convinced I have discovered a missing link in the evolutionary chain.

I have named them "Guardians of Equality"™ because of the amount of time they spend worrying about corporations taking advantage of employees.

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Add yelling at their kids over the phone (on company time!) and complaining about how they were "never that way, nope, because their (authority figure) would never have allowed it!" and you have most of the people I work with. :D

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