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Reblogged:Admin: Strange Content Visibility Problem

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I am not sure how long the problem has existed -- I'd guess only for a few hours -- but post content is visible in the mobile device view and invisible on the desktop view for this blog. This does not appear to be a browser-specific issue, nor is it a universal problem with Google/Blogger-hosted blogs.

I am looking into why this is happening, but I have not changed the style template for the desktop view in quite some time. This tells me it could well be that the problem comes from Google's end. If that's the case, resolution could come in the form of the problem just going away when they fix some issue on their end, or me having to create a new, compatible template because they changed the way they deliver the content.

That said, I am not sure I will be able to address the issue today. As I noted on Twitter, the workarounds for anyone who wishes to view the blog from a non-mobile device can either (1) add ?m=1 at the end of the address bar or (2) view the auto-reposts at Objectivism Online.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

-- CAV

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