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Reblogged:Jayaraj: CO2 KO'ing the Hunger Crisis

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Writing at RealClear Markets, Vijay Jayaraj of the CO2 Coalition discusses the boon Indian farmers have experienced thanks to increases in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, which he correctly describes as a plant food.

He argues in part:
Image by Remi Clinton, via Unsplash, license.
India’s food crops ... have immensely benefited from increases in carbon dioxide levels during the last five decades. For the farmers in India, who represent the largest percentage of the country's poor, the excess CO2 in the atmosphere has been nothing but a lifeline.

CO2 added to the atmosphere since the industrial era has had no observable impact on rainfall patterns whilst directly helping plants to grow better. In the big climate conferences no reference is made to the role of CO2 in plant growth and its relevance to global food security. Instead, CO2 is wrongly branded as a toxin.

The climate bandwagon has managed to brainwash the global community about simple biology and chemistry taught to school children. The very CO2 that has been responsible for providing life and enabling rapid greening of the world is vilified.
I highly recommend reading the whole thing, and I appreciate the spirit of Jayaraj's proposal for an "International Day of Gratitude to Carbon Dioxide."

-- CAV

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