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6 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

It has nothing to do with which education level among the general population is how likely to be vaccine hesitant.

My point was that the article you cited was only about people who had been vaccine hesitant.  It has nothing with any education level in general.

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On 8/17/2021 at 1:05 PM, tadmjones said:

I inferred that term pointed to a reason for vaccine hesitancy would be found in people who do not understand ' Science', generally.

I was telling Doug that you don't understand the process of doing science, that's why you think that manipulation was involved. Then you think that you think you didn't make a statement about general population, even though you did. "When grouped by education" is a statement about the general population. The study was "among those who are vaccine hesitant, grouped by education level", that would not be a statement about the general population. There is no evidence in the study that those with PhD's are the most hesitant to get vaccinated.

Have you gotten vaccinated?

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