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One of my managers is a pronoun person

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One my mangers, whom I’ve always liked reasonably well, just changed his signature to include his pronouns. He is the third person in the office to do so. The other two disgust me and I steer clear of them. They are all bad dressers and physically out of shape. I am now uncomfortable with this manager because I believe pronoun people would hate me if they knew what I am; hence, I view it as a confrontational act. Why would you state your pronouns in your work signature if you don’t self-identify as anything other than what people assume? Just to come out of the closet as a huge leftist at work? To gloat that this is society now? I get that this has been going on in for a few years but this is really my first direct confrontation with it. The plan: be completely non-reactive and do absolutely nothing different except be on even higher alert never to touch politics at work or on a work computer than I already am. But am I right to intensely despise this behavior and take it as a form of hostility?

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What's the big deal? If you like him reasonably well, I don't think this would change anything significantly. It doesn't sound like anything would change.

I don't think it is helpful to start thinking about whether you believe people would hate you if they knew what you were. You actually have no idea, except maybe that they don't agree about something. As I understand it, people generally do this to show what they think is a more respectful way to treat people. It won't necessarily be a big political statement, or self-righteousness. I don't like listing pronouns either, I think it is silly and irrelevant to even care about it. But beyond that, I don't think it's worth concerning yourself about. 

Bottom line though, I think you are wrong to say that this should be taken as a form of hostility.

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On 8/13/2021 at 4:00 PM, happiness said:

But am I right to intensely despise this behavior and take it as a form of hostility?

Tell him that your gender is "Ayn Rand," and your pronouns are "Ayn Rand is the best" and "Ayn Rand is the greatest."

Seriously, though, have you tried asking him why he added his pronouns?

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