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Have any prominent Objectivists addressed this point II?

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2 hours ago, Eiuol said:


The better approach is to use whyNot as a punching bag for practice on finding fallacies and errors in reasoning. He has a lot of them and it's good practice.

LOL. Try it out, lad. Make an original and substantial - Objectivist - argument against anything I have said.

I suggest DM, not to pay attention to this "captious or fallacious reasoner, quibbler". ["Sophist" def.].

Mr Quibbles will let you down. 


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4 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

We must not let this push us into swinging to the other side of the same false coin.

Both 'sides' can hold strange, irrational, unscientific theories about vaccinating. One of them, however, the vaxxers, is trying to force their way on the other, the so-called anti-vaxxers. You won't see the latter loudly and angrily trying to force non-vaccinating upon people and denouncing them (on FB and elsewhere). Although you point to an admittedly false alternative, where one person/side is for individual choice and the other is for collective obedience, I know where my sympathies lie.

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