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Rush's "starman"

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Know your place in life is where you want to be

Don't let them tell you that you owe it all to me

Keep on looking forward...no use in looking 'round

Hold your head above the ground and they won't bring you down

Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind

A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind

We marvel after those who sought

The wonders of the world, wonders of the world

Wonders of the world they wrought

Live for yourself...there's no one else

More worth living for

Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more

Well, I know they've always told you

Selfishness was wrong

Yet it was for me, not you, I came to write this song

Your link didn't work. :)

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I think the best place to get Rush lyrics is at www.2112.net/powerwindows

A pretty good site if you're a big Rush fan.

My Favorite Rush song changes from week to week. Lately, I've had "Chain Lightning" in my head.

Otherwise, I've been pretty stuck on Snakes and Arrows and "The Larger Bowl"

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There is a religious symbolism to the 2112 logo. According to Nancy Garden's book Devils and Demons, the naked man represents the calling up of the spirit or demon of man for a spell.

Is that book about Rush? That doesn't seem to be what the band intended with the logo.

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For you Rush fans out there...

What is the significance of the name of the Temple of Syrinx? Why choose the word syrinx?

Well, as a student of Latin, I can say that, if it were Latin, the plural would be syringes. Which I've always assumed was another drug reference.

No, actually, I have no idea.

As a Rush fan myself, though, I'd have to say my favorite song right now is either Anthem or Camera Eye, or maybe Something for Nothing. I can't listen to 2112 at all any more, or if I do, I just listen up until the end of the "Temples of Syrinx" part and then skip the waterfall part because for some reason that section just really annoys me.

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From http://www.rushbackstage.com/rushbackstage/accessories-etc/rush-hollywood-walk-of-fame-starman-sculpture.html

The Rush starman is the quintessential logo of the band. The symbolism of the logo is best described by Neil Peart, and Hugh Syme, who created this original artwork.

"All it means is the abstract man against the masses. The red star symbolizes any collectivist mentality." - Neil Peart, Creem, 1982

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The star isn't a pentagram which is favored by satanists. The pentagram has to be inverted so that two "horns" are at the top with the "scruff" or single point is at the bottom. The star as Rush depicts it is actually a pentacle. Though the differences in the words are small, they do have a vast difference in meaning.

The star as it is presented is actually the Star of Solomon. Solomon having five points and David having six. The modern new age and witchcraft movements coopted it into their use. It traditionally represented protection. That is why the satanists inverted it just like a cross. Heck, even Morrocco uses it in their flag. It's a common symbol in different parts of the world. In the old days it used to be more common than today thanks to the cooption of the symbol like the swastika.

You are correct that the star isn't a pentagram. However, it isn't a pentacle, or Star of Solomon, either. Pentacle is usually a pagan term that refers to either an altar piece or a piece of jewelry worn by them. Doesn't matter whether it's inverted or upright. Reversed also doesn't necessarily mean satanism. Some Wiccans use the inverted pentacle to show a particular degree of initiation. If you think satanism and Wicca are the same thing, do a bit of research... in fact, Anton LeVey based his Church of Satan on objectivism.

The key identifying factor of a pentagram/pentacle is that it is formed by five criss-crossing lines/bars. As you can see, these don't exist in the Rush star. It's simply a 5-pointed star.

For you Rush fans out there...

What is the significance of the name of the Temple of Syrinx? Why choose the word syrinx?

May give some insight, although it also could have been gleaned from a literary source, as mentioned by a previous poster:


@GoKartMozart. 'T'isn't Latin, it's Greek.

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Rather than starting a new thread, I'll just say here that I saw Rush in San Jose last week, and they were as great as ever. I saw them for the Test for Echo tour ('96) and the 30th anniversary tour ('04), and enjoyed this show the best of the three. It helps that the new album is better than much of what came after "Signals."

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I am a HUGE Rush fan. It is weird, however, how they place the song "Passage to Bangkok" right after "2112". 2112 espouses Reason while Passage to Bangkok is just about looking for the best weed to get stoned off of.

And isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

I just watch the VH1 Classic Albums (available on YouTube) and they covered most of this subject matter

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