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I think you'll find that there are a fair number of high-schoolers here. What are your interests?

That is terrific! I wish I had met some of you a few years back...What have you guys read of AR?

(Welcome to the forum, Outlaw289!)

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Geuss what Outlaw289, I'm 16 and in high school too! Let's all get together and have a nice little tea party! :) Just kidding.

I've just recently joined this forum. You'll really like it. It contains a plethora of information from all types of people from around the world. You'll be able to ask any question and get a reply (just be sure to use your own mind and not accept these answers as fact :) ).

I've read WtL, VoS, RM, P:WNI, and am currently reading TF, AoF, and AoNF.

Always like to see a youngun' like meself!


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I am a senior in HS, but I am graduating in a few months. I have read nearly all of AR's works. I, in fact, tried to start an Objectivist club at my school a few years back. It was a dud.

I encourage you guys to try and form those clubs at your schools. ARI is extremely supportive of its clubs and supplies them with any video tape/audio cassette lectures you need.

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Wow, thanks for the warm welcome B)

As for myself, I've only recently become aware of Objectivism, and I'm up to "Anti-Life" in Atlas Shrugged. It is easily one of the finest books I have read, and since then I've looked up the philosopy (via ARI) and inquiring to people whom I know to be Objectivists. I find Objectivism to be a very compelling and intellectually sound philosophy, and, since I've been aware of its point of view, I now see daily examples of illogic and self destruction in current American society. I for one am grateful that Objectivists are such a friendly bunch and that I've found a positive philosophy, rather than being sucked into the angst ridden teen political-hobbies like anarchy and neo-liberalism.

As to my interests personally, I am into history and English, and I also have an keen interest in the military. Im a sophmore in Clts Neck High School and enrolled in a Navy Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps, and I hold the rank of Cadet Petty Officer Second Class.

Im rather embarassed now that I haven't read as much of Ms. Rand's works as some of you have, I have some cathing up to do.

Again, thanks for the warm reception :lol:

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Again, thanks for the warm reception B)

We're glad to have you on board, but why do you look like a cat-shaped loaf of bread? It's not a very flattering picture. You need a new photographer. :lol:

Sorry, I couldn't resist. One caveat; Objectivists are extremely friendly but they take ideas VERY seriously and some newbies get discouraged by some of the sniping that occurs when people disagree about things. If people snipe at you don't worry about it too much. If they get aggressively rude, just report them.

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