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Four Things

1. Among my birthday cards this year was this, with picketers who intentionally or not manage very well to humorously sum up the state of current political discourse as well as its end result. "Ban shredded cheese!" and "Make America grate again!" the picketers say.

The card from my mother pictured a dinosaur and the caption, At least you're not extinct.. On opening, I found the word, Yet.

The first card is more topical for this blog, but I like my mom's sense of humor, so hers is my favorite.

2. Yesterday, I dusted off a recipe I hadn't made in a long time. Everyone, the kids included, really enjoyed Cat Cora's Greek Cinnamon Stewed Chicken, served over orzo.

This is excellent, and the only reason I can think of for why I wasn't making it fairly regularly before is that it's labor-intensive and messy enough that past me probably didn't want to fool with it when the kids were younger -- and also labor-intensive and messy!

3. Over at Irreal, the proprietor describes the working arrangements of an Apple employee he calls "the first remote worker:"
For various reasons, which are described in the podcast, [Paul] Lutus[, who developed Apple Writer for the Apple II,] was living in a cabin in the Oregon woods. Before he got the Apple II in 1976, he didn't even have electricity -- he had to run what amounted to a 1,200 foot extension cord to a construction box that he talked the utility company into installing.
His backup system was no less rustic.

4. I belatedly commemorate the untimely passing of comedian Norm Macdonald by sharing his moth joke, as told to Conan O'Brien in the embedded video below.

Watch with patience and enjoy! (That said, it doesn't take the entire six minutes and change for him to tell the joke.)

-- CAV

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