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Sup, I'm new here and have been enjoying browsing for a couple days. Especially the Ethics folder since that is probably my favorite area of philosophy. They call me the Kat in certain socially unacceptable circles, and that's just the way I like it. I'm a college student at the Greenest Ivy of them all, majoring in evolutionary bio. I don't know if I'd call myself an Objectivist with the fancy capital O and everything. This could be because I've met some rather scary and cultlike "Randians" who seemed to want to dogmatize the lady. That said, I adore Ayn Rand. I read her work after I graduated from high school in a sort of reverse chronological order (AS, then Fountainhead, then Anthem and WTL). I can't remember what book it was from, probably Fountainhead, where she talks about looking at the work of another and feeling a resounding "yes" answer back from your own mind. I had that experience while reading Rand. I wondered why it was when I took Philosophy in senior year of HS a lot of the concepts just didn't seem to make sense to me. I was picking up on contradictions but it turns out I wasn't asking the right questions. Rand's stuff turned me on to some questions that really needed asking (a doozie, for example: what is the PURPOSE/STANDARD of morality? "Serving God" or "the common good" just wasn't cutting it for me, and this was a big hint why)

On a more personal note, I consider myself a scientist but that's hardly my only passion. Like AR I love writing, both fiction and nonfiction but mostly fiction. I'm a huge nerd. My head is filled with all sorts of information most people consider useless. I also love sports, preferably what I love to call "impact" activities. I'm a music buff and love nothing more than cranking my amp up to 10 and hammering out some power chords (though my current living arrangement somewhat precludes this). That's about it, I suppose.

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Welcome, Kat!

Objectivism has nothing to do with the rationalist idiots you meet now and then who call themselves Objectivists.

It has everything to do with the philosophy Ayn Rand herself created and presented in her novels and other writings.

Yes, Ayn Rand made some very good points in Meta-ethics, and it is surprising to find out that almost nobody bothered to ask those crucial questions for thousands of years!

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