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Four Things

An all-teaser quote edition...

Image by Jeremy Thompson, via Wikimedia Commons, license.
1. "One of my coworkers said she spent $1,500 a month on eating out, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm not going down that road!'" -- the man who ate all his meals at Six Flags for $150 a year

2. "I've tried all the forms of ventilation, and the iron lung is the most efficient and the best and the most comfortable way," -- Martha Lillard, one of the last polio victims still using an iron lung

3. "More often, the relationship was brief with little time for a healthy exchange of sexual history: the presence of a clock in the background allowed us to estimate the time-lag between first acquaintance and sexual intercourse at 20 min on one occasion..." -- Wouter Graumans, William J.R.Stone, and Teun Bousema, "No Time to Die: An in-Depth Analysis of James Bond's Exposure to Infectious Agents," Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, vol. 44, 2021 (HT: Paul Hsieh)

4. "The island belongs to me, but everyone is welcome." -- Barna Norton, on the strength of a letter from the U.S. State Department, while defying repeated cease-and-desist letters from the Canadian government

-- CAV

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