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Larry P. Arnn: The Way Out

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The Way Out
Imprimis, November 2021
Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College.

US Population, almost 334 million
Imprimis Circulation, almost 6.2 million

[Just under 2% (or less, if not limited to US of A.)]


As an introduction, offered is:

Here are two questions pertinent to our times: (1) How would you reduce the greatest free republic in history to despotism in a short time? and (2) How would you stop that from happening? The answer to the first question has been provided in these last two disastrous years. The answer to the second has begun to emerge in recent months. Both are worthy of study.

I don't know that the circulation of Imprimis is limited to the the US of A. Still, this is a college publication that has an outreach of nearly 2% in terms of US percentages. What is less emphasized, yet still recognized, is the influence of the universities. This is cited in early in the articles as:

To set up a despotism capable of pulling this off you would need the media’s help. Those controlling the media today are trained in the same universities that invented the bureaucratic state, the same universities the senior bureaucrats attended. The media would need to be willing to suppress, for example, the fact that 50,000 doctors, scientists, and medical researchers signed the Great Barrington Declaration. That document reminds people that you cannot suppress a widely disseminated contagious virus through shutdowns and mass isolation, and that if you try, you will work immeasurable destruction of new kinds—unemployment, bankruptcy, depression, suicide, multiplying public debt, broken supply chains, and increases of other serious health problems. Some of the signatories to this Declaration come from the most distinguished universities in the world, but never mind: their views do not fit the narrative propagated by the powerful. They have been effectively cancelled, ignored by the media and suppressed by Big Tech.


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