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Reblogged:Californians to Waste More Time Recycling

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If you live in California, rev up your garbage disposal!

It's that, or waste time and effort storing your food waste as if it were gold so you can have it picked up for recycling:
Penn and Teller's lineup of trash cans with timed sorting and a bullhorn for errors captures the absurdity of recycling. But only free men have the luxury of laughing at the absurd. (Screen Capture by Gus Van Horn, via Penn and Teller: Bullshit, S. 2, Ep. 5. I believe this to be permissible as Fair Use under U.S. copyright law.)
Senate Bill 1383 requires all residents and businesses to separate such "green" waste from other trash, but the program will be rolled out gradually for homes and businesses in the coming months, with the actual startup date varying, depending on the location of your home or business.

Fines can be levied for failing to separate organic refuse from other trash. But those charges aren't scheduled to begin until 2024. CalRecycle, the state agency overseeing the change, has lots of information about the new requirements on its website. [bold added]
Whether you regard this as a good idea or agree with me that recycling is a wasteful activity, this will be at your own expense as a taxpayer, of course.

Many, if not most people will see this as a good idea, although it in fact entails the threat of government force to prescribe a small amount of labor in addition to theft in the bargain. Even if I believed that global warming were an immanent threat and that diverting the greenhouse gases from food decomposition would actually make a difference, I would oppose this law.

There is no such thing as a valid excuse for even the slightest degree of slavery, and this law is no exception.

Shame on California for this latest in its assault on liberty.

-- CAV

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