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On 5/8/2022 at 10:20 PM, Economic Freedom said:

Plus the integrative power of the non-material mind, which "converts" or "translates" the combined "puffs" into an integrated whole called a "percept."

You forgot to mention the non-material (non-puff-energy) contribution of mind.

EF, tell me if I understand your position correctly: 

Apart from immaterial mind(s), there are only particles and maybe space. Some of these particles interact with your sense organs, leading to sensations. The immaterial mind (not made of particles) performs an act of thought through which sensations are integrated into percepts.

Reason, integration, purpose etc. belong exclusively to the immaterial mind, and not to some body part.

There are no rocks, trees, and butterflies, only particles. Rocks, trees and butterflies are mental constructs.

The immaterial mind can directly interact with material particles in such a way that it directs the evolution of lifeforms.

The faculty of reason has always existed. Induction is not a valid method of proof because you're inducing from your own integrations of sensations.

If this is an accurate summary, could you clarify the following?

1. There seem to be two clashing premises: a) the existence of sense organs or lifeforms, and b) the notion that there are only particles out there, not rocks, trees and butterflies. Which one is it? Does the mind merely integrate sensations, or does it integrate actual, material particles into sense organs, trees and butterflies?

2. Does the immaterial mind have a physical origin? i.e. the nervous system leads to the immaterial mind, which has a nature of its own and can influence the material nervous system back.

3. If ideas construct percepts, why do you use scientific experiments to validate your positions? For all you know, the ideas that construct the experiment-percepts could be bogus and not related to reality in any way. Are you counting on a pre-established harmony between what is true and what your innate ideas say?

4. Whose mind directs evolution?


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