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If being an (actual) racist is beyond the pale, and it is, then so is making a false accusation of racism. (Image by Alex Epstein, via Twitter. This author regards his use of the above image as fair use under U.S. copyright law.)
... to Fossil Fuel Eliminators

(That unjustly defaming Alex Epstein as a 'racist' won't make go away.) (Source)

In keeping with my support for Alex Epstein (detailed in the link above) and with my tradition of stopping to appreciate good things near the end of the week, I present four a few -- of seventeen facts about energy Epstein shares on Twitter and that he discusses in more detail in his forthcoming book, Fossil Future.


1. Nuclear energy is the safest [1] and cleanest [2] form of energy ever created, and yet:
Nuclear energy has become many times more expensive even though the raw material prices haven't increased and the knowledge of how to produce nuclear energy efficiently has improved.
This, as I know from my own reading and from Epstein, this is in large part because environmentalist regulations and tort abuse artificially delay and increase the cost of building infrastructure, especially nuclear power plants.

The only acknowledgment of any of these facts by those environmentalists Epstein calls fossil fuel eliminators is to complain that nuclear power is "too expensive" to solve the "climate crisis" ... along the way to full-throated support for multi-trillion dollar measures like the "Green New Deal" or "Build Back Better."

Is their actual concern for "the environment" about as well-considered and sincere as that they profess for "cost?"

2. Alex Epstein informs us that, "Despite claims that the world is 'too hot,' cold-related deaths far exceed heat-related deaths." If I recall correctly, another energy humanist, Bjorn Lomborg, has been attacked in the past for daring to speak such climate heresy.

3. One of my favorites on the list is the following:
Many leading "studies" claiming to prove climate catastrophe totally ignore human beings' incredible ability to adapt to and master negative climate changes.
Whatever lowland flooding might occur due to global warming will be slow enough for humans to react, be it by moving or building dikes, for example.

To listen to the fossil fuel eliminators, though, you'd think we're all cattle who will just slosh around in rising, standing water until it reaches our nostrils and we die.

4. The following I learned from The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, but it is underappreciated and bears repeating:
The "greenhouse effect" is a diminishing effect: new CO2 emissions have less of a warming impact than earlier CO2 emissions.
To someone concerned about rising temperatures, this should offer some comfort -- not so much for someone wanting to cause a panicked stampede among those who have political power and thus the responsibility to deliberate before using it.

-- CAV


: Corrected some intro text.

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Apparently the publication of Maxine Joselow's hit piece has at least been delayed.  I just looked at the Washington Post page that lists what she has written for the Post, including something dated today, and it's not there.  It's not listed among the book reviews either.


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Maxine Joselow has changed her anti-Epstein article and published the changed version.  She acknowledges Epstein's reply to the original article.  She does not call him a "racist", but does use the words "ethnocentric", "paternalistic", and "colonialist".  She still brings up his writings from more than two decades ago.


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46 minutes ago, Doug Morris said:

She still brings up his writings from more than two decades ago.

I probably should make clear that she refers only to the article he wrote "that dismissed non-Western cultures as inferior".  She does not mention anything about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Edited by Doug Morris
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