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Reblogged:Is Trump's 'Trifecta' Imploding?

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Good news comes to us from the state of Georgia regarding its gubernatorial race, where Donald Trump has been -- for all practical purposes sabotaging Governor Jack Kemp's reelection campaign. (This is despite professing to not want Democrats in charge of Georgia's election machinery.)

Said good news comes in the form of the fact that David Perdue lacks charisma or is running a particularly inept campaign:
David Perdue, who lost as an incumbent thanks in large part to Trump's pathetic antics. (Image by Rebecca Hammel, U.S. Senate Photographic Studio, via Wikipedia, public domain.)
Soon after, Trump appeared at a Georgia rally as part of a "rescue mission" to invigorate Perdue's campaign. Perdue reiterated his pitch on stage: "Let me be very clear. Very clear. In the state of Georgia, thanks to Brian Kemp, our elections in 2020 were absolutely stolen!"

Perdue said Kemp "refused to fight" and "sold us out." Furthering his attacks on Kemp, Perdue said Kemp "kicked sand in the face of the president the last two years and said 'no' every time the president asked him anything."

But that didn't get the crowd excited. Perdue went further: "I'm fighting right now to find out what happened in 2020 and make sure that those people responsible for that fraud in 2020 go to jail!" [bold added]
Trump is there, and this is his base. Not excited is music to my ears.

In addition to Trump starting to lower expectations -- such as by calling Perdue a "longshot" -- other, more popular GOP candidates are staying away:
None of Trump's preferred candidates in three of the highest-profile statewide races in Georgia -- Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate, Burt Jones for lieutenant governor and Jody Hice for secretary of state -- have endorsed Perdue. And in their remarks at a Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday, none of them mentioned the gubernatorial primary.
Could they have more sense than Trump? It's a low bar, but it looks like the answer is yes.

-- CAV

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