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Did The Communists Vote Nazi In 1933?

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In chapter 17 of Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal, Ayn Rand says:

"It is a matter of record that in the German Election of 1933, the Communist Party was ordered by its leaders to vote for the Nazis - with the explanation that they could later fight the Nazis for power, but first they had to help destroy their common enemy : capitalism and its parliamentary form of government."

This claim has been disputed in another thread, so I wondered if anyone knows where I can find evidence of its validity.

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The original topic where the issue was brought up ishere..

I only have CUI on the Objectivism Research CD Rom, and I'm not good at navigating through that yet. So I didn't check the bibliography, or realize that there was one. I'll have to next time I go to my mom's house.

I thought that _The Ominous Parallels_ had a reference to that event as well, but I ran about a dozen searches on the CD Rom and I couldn't find anything about it.

I only found quotes from the German Liberal Democrat Party about working with the Nazis to fight the common enemy of Capitalism.

But again, I'm a newbie with that CD Rom and its search feature, and my mom's computer is slow.

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