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Blog Roundup

Just a short blurb from me for each of these today...

1. In "Sex and the Schools, or, An Essay You Don't Want to Read" at The Redneck Intellectual, C. Bradley Thompson discusses what I can only describe as the institutionalized sexual abuse of children in government schools:
Image by James A. Molnar, via Unsplash, license.
But it gets worse -- much worse. Not only do government schoolteachers and administrators know important and deeply personal things (i.e., the most intimate secrets) about the children in their schools that the kids' parents are kept in the dark about, but many school employees are actually facilitating if not encouraging children to question their gender identity and some are even prodding them to do something about it, including the pursuit of body-mutilating medical procedures.

If you still don't believe me or think I'm exaggerating, you might ask the parents of the kids who attend Fremont High School in Oakland, California, which has just created a "transition closet" that will allow Trans/nonbinary/Intersex and various other LGBTQ+ students to come to school dressed in clothes approved by mom and dad and then change into the clothing of their selected gender identities.

2. In "On Choosing Expert Help" at Thinking Directions, Jean Moroney describes what I think should be the first criterion for screening -- and its opposite at any time being a firable offense -- for any kind of specialized help:
If respect for independent thinking is one of your values, I have a piece of advice. If you ever interview a coach or therapist who acts as if he knows better than you do how to live your life, run away as fast as you can.

3. In "Whom Should You Do Business With?" at How to be Profitable and Moral, Jaana Woiceshyn demolishes the whole idea that it is practical to do business in (or with) places like Russia:
It is a mistake to do business in authoritarian countries in the first place due to the political risk it poses. An authoritarian government can nationalize foreign companies' assets, as Iran did to the British and American oil companies in the 1950s (and as Putin is threatening to do now). Or such a government can make companies complicit in atrocities, as Nazi Germany did to German chemical and automobile manufacturers and banks. Or the government can merely funnel money from state-owned oil and natural gas companies to finance rogue, immoral wars, as Russia is doing.

4. In "Fauci Supports Dictatorship" at the blog of the Texas Institute for Property Rights, Brian Phillips argues that Anthony Fauci does not understand the importance of freedom in combating an epidemic, to put it mildly:
To Fauci, public health officials should have carte blanche. The judiciary should remain silent and allow public health officials to do anything they declare appropriate. A nation that allows government officials to do anything and everything without constraint is a dictatorship. Public health officials are certainly qualified to offer advice, but that advice should be directed primarily to the individuals who comprise the public. They should not be imposing their views on the citizenry. In making his comments, Fauci supports dictatorship.
To the reader interested in what we needed from the government, I once again recommend Onkar Ghate's "A Pro-Freedom Approach to Infectious Disease.

-- CAV

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