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Four Kid-Related Things...

... Which Are Also Four Random Wins From the Positive Focus Logs

1. My son, who is almost nine, has been a picky eater all his life. Although he is branching out, albeit very slowly, having takeout at home used to present a conundrum for us: Let him pick the restaurant at the risk of boring the rest of us -- or not, with him having to eat his usual default sandwich or something he's not really going to enjoy?

That's suboptimal on the evening, and neither is any good long-term -- either for encouraging him to branch out or for helping him learn to deal with having a limited palate, if that's what the future holds for him.

One day, I was going to have to run a couple of small errands on the way to picking up Mexican. Realizing that Panera, a place he likes, was basically on the way, I realized we could order him something for me to pick up on the way home. The timing worked out very well, too, so we now have good a way for him to get something he likes on dine-out night when he doesn't like the place the rest of us want.

Aerial view of Vilano Beach, northeast of St. Augustine. (Image by Lance Asper, via Unsplash, license.)
2. Because my wife had work obligations that evening, I recently got to accompany my daughter, who is ten now, on a harbor cruise with her girl scout troop. Setting aside some fortunately brief green propaganda by the tour guide, it was a fun experience.

The cruise, in Matanzas Bay, was part history lesson about the oldest city in America and part wildlife-spotting, with dolphins being the highlight. The bay -- whose modern Spanish name refers to a religiously-motivated slaughter of French settlers by the Spanish -- happily lived up to its original French name, which meant River of Dolphins.

Travel Tip for Locals: We live near Jacksonville, but took State Route A1A between Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine. This was scenic and probably also less stressful than I-95 or Phillips Highway would have been during rush hour.

3. Although I love soccer, it has not caught on with my son, and after he completed his season, we agreed to give him a break from it, to try other sports. (He doesn't seem to care for sports played with balls in general.)

The silver lining, as I learned from the mother of the most talented player on the team, is that we won't have all the expenses associated with him being on a traveling team.

I'm not giving up hope that we can someday bond over soccer -- I didn't start playing until I was about twelve. -- but you can't force something like that, and I'm backing off.

4. My daughter, taking a cue from me using Alexa as a cooking timer, has really taken to timers and alarms. This I learned one morning during writing time, when I heard her alarm going off at 6:00 a.m. She enjoys anime, and likes to watch a bit before getting ready for school, prompted by another alarm.

If her food is too hot for her at home, she sometimes sets a five-minute timer to let it cool off.

She is also pretty organized for someone her age: I have not had to prompt her to do homework, even for longer-range projects a single time this school year. She just does it.

-- CAV

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