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The New Atlantis: Reformation in the Church of Science

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Reformation in the Church of Science, RealClearScience July 9, 2022 Archives, subtitled: How the truth monopoly was broken up.

From within the article,

"Ideas have become a battlefield, and we are all getting lost in the fog of the truth wars."

bringing to mind,

"The battle of philosophers is a battle for man's mind. If you do not understand their theories, you are vulnerable to the worst among them.” - Ayn Rand, Philosophy: Who Needs It

By creating a correlation between science and beliefs and contrasting it with a correlation between the church and beliefs, analogy serves as a basis for making the leap within this article.

Curious, I followed a link to the source, The New Atlantis and discovered another article in a similar vein.

Reality is Just a Game Now, subtitled: And we’re all losing.

A link on Facebook was generated by myself using the following lead-in:

The Hounds of Zaroff was The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell, January 19, 1924, . . . tame compared to the cognitive assault generated by thinking Reality Is Just a Game Now.

The article starts off with a subsection — "✦  A Fun Collaborative Activity  ✦" — based on CoViD-19

The article transitions into a subsection "A Strange Game" launching into a recollection of 9/11, of twenty years ago. (Use January 6, 2020, if a more recent time frame is desired or twenty years is beyond your scope of existence: many of the particulars share similar conceptual categories.)

It is tempting to suggest follow the white rabbit at this point (being a multiple time watcher of The Matrix tetrology, or quadrilogy if you prefer) as "✦  The White Rabbit Appears  ✦"

Enter, "The Q Game", which has spread as an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to draw in those attracted to the allure it has garbed itself with.

. . . perhaps I digress. Back on January 6, 2022, a severance agreement with my employer since May 1, 2000 was reached. I've been employed, as an individual, in some way, shape or form since 1972. I found this forum coming up on 12 years ago. A coworker of mine asked questions that drove me to investigate deeper what the writings of Ayn Rand had to offer.

In the last six months, I've spent time learning to cook some different dishes, (whampoa chao dan*, anda bhuji*, egg foo young (it's not just for dinner**), german potato salad, red lobster cheddar biscuits, just to name a few) and converting some of the flower gardens into vegetables. The local library offers a course on writing to try out (to supplement reaching day 576, today, of Julia Cameron's Morning Pages).

In my tenure here, the diversity of folk posting has somewhat diminished. The discussions have dwindled, while a few events have sparked a small rallying of intense articulations revealing differing approaches to epistemic justification not clearly articulated. After visiting the Death Clock, contrasting being 22,368 days old to having 4,579 days left, puts into perspective a basis of 4/5ths (roughly 20,000/25,000) life left. Perhaps a morbid way of viewing things, still it captures an element of teleology, like it or not.


*mentioned on Gus VanHorn Blog, discovered here on OO.
**the Chinese popularized the omelette for dinner.

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