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Usually, when leftists throw around terms like racist or Nazi, it is usually an ignorant smear of someone merely for disagreement. These terms have become all-purpose expressions of displeasure and admissions of ignorance, when they should be fighting words and should be reserved for people who actually deserve them.

And so it is that when I hear someone shout either term these days, it tells me a lot more about that person than about anything or anyone else.

Yesterday was different: I noticed that SheIsaNazi was trending on Twitter. Expecting merely the latest of many reasons to roll my eyes, I indulged my mild curiosity and instead found the following story, picked up by Yahoo! News from The Huffington Post: "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says GOP 'Should Be Christian Nationalists' Party."

Strictly speaking, of course Greene isn't an actual Nazi, but the level of revulsion such a term warrants is well-deserved, because she is taking a bold stride towards that false alternative to socialism along the way to theocracy:
Image by United States Congress, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.
"We need to be the party of nationalism and I'm a Christian, and I say it proudly, we should be Christian nationalists," she said in an interview with the conservative Next News Network while attending the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Florida.

Greene, who is known for her vocal religious beliefs and for imposing them on others, said the Republican Party should conform to Christianity to make it easier to identify with and sway Christian voters.

"When Republicans learn to represent most of the people that vote for them, then we will be the party that continues to grow without having to chase down certain identities or chase down certain segments of people," she said. "We just need to represent Americans and most Americans, no matter how they vote, really care about the same things and I want to see Republicans actually do their job."

Greene has made similar comments before, saying of Christian nationalism on a podcast last week: "I think that's an identity that we need to embrace, because those are the policies that serve every single American, no matter how they vote." [links omitted, bold added]
First, it's too bad that Greene doesn't understand or care what do their job -- i.e., preserve our freedom -- actually means in government.

Second, let that last bolded quote sink in for a moment and ask yourself if it sounds any different in substance from the various left-wing paternalist "health" or "climate" mandates they try to foist on us allegedly for our own good.

Pardon my French, but it is not the government's god damned job to tell me or you what to do.

This pro-freedom, patriotic atheist takes cold comfort in the fact that Greene has managed to offend even the people she fundamentally agrees with, such as by invoking Satan! -- the religious right's mirror image of Racism! -- when some Catholics did something she claims was against god's will:
Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, called Greene "a disgrace," saying that "she slandered the entire Catholic Church."

"Satan is controlling the Catholic Church? She needs to apologize to Catholics immediately," Donohue said in the statement...

Donohue's remarks are in reaction to an interview Greene gave with the Church Militant, a Christian news organization, last week, first reported on by Salon's Kathryn Joyce.

James J. Martin SJ, a priest and the editor-at-large of the Jesuit magazine America, also condemned the freshman lawmaker.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks the Catholic Church is controlled by Satan. She also believes that caring for the stranger is 'perverting the Gospel,'" Martin tweeted. "Jesus disagrees, saying that caring for the stranger is the Gospel (Mt 25). I'll side with Jesus." [links omitted, bold added]

A saying about murderers winning over pickpockets comes to mind: Greene remains in the Republican Party, and the Church is too weak to have her tried and condemned for heresy.

But her intemperate words have invited a priest to correct her in her own moral terms, while her real sin, of working to subject Americans to the whims of religious leaders, goes unnoticed under such camouflage.

This is anything but a "win" for America.

Greene is too blinded by power lust to know or care who stands to gain the most by introducing religion into politics. Hint from a very long period of history: Not Americans, not her, and not a supernatural being.

I have noticed since the latest poor rulings on religion by the Supreme Court -- against the right to an abortion, permitting faculty-led prayer at government schools, and giving tax money to religious schools -- that the worst theocratic elements in American politics have been emboldened.

Going forward, we can expect them to be just as strident as the far-left woke "Squad" and just as tone-deaf to what actual Americans really care about.

-- CAV

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