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Reblogged:Surprise! Truth Social Moderates Content.

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The appearance of a pink bubble burst his hopes for an intelligent conversation... (Image by Karsten Winegeart, via Unsplash, license.)
Some on the left are all atwitter (Sorry.) about reports that Truth Social, Donald Trump's Twitter knock-off, might be removing certain content or shadow-banning users whose views don't align with those of the ex-President.

Credit them for not whining Censorship! I give them only one cheer, though because that might only be since they haven't thought of it yet: I am not sure the left knows or cares about what actual censorship or property rights are any more than Trump does.

I'll clarify by noting that my reaction to this news is the same as it was when I learned that Twitter, Facebook, et al. do the same thing, usually with a leftward bias: None of these entities are governments, so what they are doing is not censorship any more than you showing the door to someone who won't shut up about a topic you don't want discussed in your own living room is.

I may not like the fact that they do this and it may be bad for their business -- or at least for real give-and-take -- but it's their platform, and their rules.

Although I am mildly disappointed (but not surprised) to hear that Truth Social has a Trump-leaning content policy, I do welcome the news. First, potential users will know what to expect when considering Truth Social.

Second, and as this post should indicate, Trump's past whining and the present actions of his surrogates offer us the opportunity to clarify the vital issues of what censorship is and is not, and to remind Americans about property rights.

The proper response to a social media platform having biased moderation policies isn't to effectively bring back the Fairness Doctrine, as Trump himself and an alarming number of conservatives have suggested. It's to start, support, or use a competitor -- or to try to persuade the platform to change its policy.

So one cheer to Truth Social for imperfectly exemplifying this response, and for making it more easy to ask conservatives if they really think it would be a good idea for the government to step in and tell Truth Social (or Twitter, or anyone else) how to moderate its content.

-- CAV

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