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Invision Software updated (v4.7.0, 7/5/2022)
Invision Software updated (v4.7.1) recently (8/9/2022). I'm looking at the section regarding ranking. This question had been asked earlier Forum Rank (2005)

The rank values appear to be the same, so why ranks have changed recently does not appear to be related to this off hand.

Under the heading Achievement Rules there are:

Comment/Reply Posted, 1 point.
Comment/Reply Posted, 1 point.
Content Item Posted, 1 point.

Ranks have the following entries.

Newbie, 0 points.
Novice, 5 points.
Junior Member, 25 points.
Member, 100 points.
Advance Member, 500 points.
Senior Member, 1000 points.
Senior Partner, 5000 points.

There is a Badges section too, which would require setup for such categories as:

Great Support
Great Content


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The feature to create your own custom member title used to be available based on the number of posts. This is no longer the case. It has now been enabled for all users.

(4.6: How to restore custom member titles) <-- Invision membership may be required to view.

I've toggled it on and off a couple of times and done a refresh. I see a line for Member Title: with toggle set to on or off.

The joys of software updates. About a year ago, Invision has held pretty well to their stated commitment of rolling an update out every month.

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