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Are there any dating sites for objectivists?

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I think you can only date people who have the same values for you and for me objectivism defines values in a very consistent and a fundamental way that I ascribe to. So I was wondering if there are any dating sites for objectivists as it makes sense to me that there would be other people like me who would be looking for similar 

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In order for it to make sense for two people to date each other, they must have a positive evaluation of each other's actions and statements and must not consider those actions and statements to include anything unacceptable.  This does not require philosophical agreement.

(I am stating a necessary condition, not a sufficient one.)


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You might want to sign up in a large online hookup site and include in what you say about yourself something about what interests you in larger life and that you are open to forming a long-term relationship.

I am an older gay person, the one to the right in the photo below with my husband. 

My first life-partner was a college friend who had the same level of interest in and like of Rand's literature and philosophy as I had. Over the years, we both developed further intellectually, and that entailed that in some areas of philosophy we became more different from each other than at the beginning. Having different views in some areas can be fine; at least the differences did not result in calling off the relationship.

Five years after he died, I decided to devote some time to trying to make it all happen again. I did, though the way was very different from the first time. There were not yet the personal hookup sites online, but there were Personal sections in newspapers. You responded by writing and sending it by mail, which went to the newspaper, who then go it to the person placing the ad. His ad had included that he was open to forming a long-term relationship. He stated what he was looking for in bed and in attitude to life. I thought I fit the bill and wrote back a single-word response: Exciting. We met and learned the basics of each others lives. The sexual match was fantastic. Certain other likes and views we also had in common were love of classical music and opera and we were both atheists. All the other views on which we did not agree were never anywhere near sinking our ship. Financial compatibility is also probably an important necessary condition. The bed is extremely important to getting to sea. It can disappear altogether later when you get old, but the afterglow and the love and life you've made together can go on secure and wonderful as can be. I rather enjoy that not all our views on things coincide.


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