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The Pope Vs. Harry Potter

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It is a work of fiction.

Repeat to fade.

while that works with rational people like you and me, you have to remember that to Christians their religion is something that can be destroyed, that there are better options out there tempting people away from religion, and only one who remains in willful ignorance can remain true to the faith.

A small mind is easily filled with faith, as they say.

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Mr Swig said, referring to my links to pro-Harry Potter ARI op-eds: "Nothing you linked to supports your assertion that Harry Potter is fundamentally at odds with Christianity."

First, I believe there is plenty within those op-eds that does support my assertion. Harry's contrast to Christianity was not the main theme of those op-eds, and so such is not the crux of those articles, but even so, the author's comments about whether the world is benevolent or malevolent, the value of pride, the trustworthiness of one's own thinking (and more)... these things are certainly not consistent with Christianity.

I don't want to get into a debate about what these authors intended, whether the articles in question "supports my assertion", etc. At best, fleshing this out would resolve whether or not what someone else wrote was consistent with what I wrote (the answer to which, incidentally, is as easy as e-mailing Ms Durante and asking her) ... and leaves the issue about my original point still up in the air...

...my original point being: whether or not Harry Potter "erodes Christianity in the soul". The Pope says it does, and I have to agree with the Pope on this one. Harry is this-worldly (compared to Augustine, for example), proud, and intellectually independent. How many kids will pick up those values reading the Bible?

When I want my kids to erode a little of the influence of Christian culture, I'll gladly recommend a trip to Hogwarts, via the Good Book. :lol:

(You may disagree with me. And if you do, you shall have the last word on the issue. It's not a point I'm interested in pursuing any further.)

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...my original point being: whether or not Harry Potter "erodes Christianity in the soul". The Pope says it does, and I have to agree with the Pope on this one.

Of course the Pope is going to say this. It's his job to get you to give up material things for the sake of Christianity. Personally, though, I wouldn't trust the Pope if he told me that he had chicken for dinner. Of all people in the world, the Pope is the last person you should trust to tell you what he actually believes.

Now, I'm more inclined to trust the author of the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling is a Christian. And I find it very difficult to believe that she, being a bright woman, would write anything that could be construed as fundamentally at odds with her own religion. In fact, I believe some (Objectivist) Harry Potter fans may be in for a rude awakening once Rowling ends the series in the seventh book. Consider what she said in this interview:

Harry, of course, is able to battle supernatural evil with supernatural forces of his own, and Rowling is quite clear that she doesn't personally believe in that kind of magic -- ''not at all.'' Is she a Christian?

''Yes, I am,'' she says. ''Which seems to offend the religious right far worse than if I said I thought there was no God. Every time I've been asked if I believe in God, I've said yes, because I do, but no one ever really has gone any more deeply into it than that, and I have to say that does suit me, because if I talk too freely about that I think the intelligent reader, whether 10 or 60, will be able to guess what's coming in the books.''

Hrm ... How could knowing her religious beliefs tell us what's coming in the books? Are we in for a little Christian ethical lesson? I guess we'll find out.

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