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Reblogged:Unions to Launch Post-Election Strike?

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A week or so ago, I recall concern about rail strike acute enough that the lady ringing me up at the grocery store spontaneously mentioned it. If not within the day, within a couple of days, when I decided to learn more about it, I heard that a temporary deal had been struck that would avert the strike for some time while unions and crony politicians went about sausage-making.

An interesting part of the sausage-making that occurred to me, but which I managed to forget, was the timing of this temporary deal, which I strongly suspected was designed to help the political party currently in power and which is basically the lapdog of the unions.

Unfortunately, I was busy that day and never remembered to go back and try to learn about how long the deal was supposed to last.

I was not alone in my suspicion, and a blog post about a union vote -- against the proposed settlement, of course -- would indicate that I was also correct. There can't be a strike until at least November 19, well after the midterm elections:
Image by Acton Crawford, via Unsplash, license.
A strike would be a potential disaster for the economy and a political disaster for the Biden administration which was involved in the deal reached last month. Luckily for the White House, whatever happens won't happen until after the election. Part of me wonders if this wasn't the deal all along, i.e. you can still vote to reject this but do hold out so whatever happens will happen after the election when it won't be another millstone around the necks of pro-union Democrats. [bold added]
I have so much contempt for the central-planning Democrats and their illegitimately-enabled union thug buddies that I would be flabbergasted that this was anything but the case.

In a saner political climate, in which the opposition party stood for capitalism, even the whiff of such a stinky deal would be a gift, and lead to some seats being deservedly picked up.

But I don't see today's mindless Republicans running on anything like substance or doing anything meaningful to rid us of the welfare state -- even if some of them had the sense to put this story right under the noses of the voters it is going to hurt.

This deal is a shame, but the greater shame is the state of the party that won't take advantage of it, or know to do anything meaningful about it.

-- CAV

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