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I came across an article by an Indian who seems to have some knowledge about American philosophy / politics. To keep it small, I am reproducing an important part of this article – if people are interested I will reproduce it entirely.

Within what I have quoted below, there is an important sub-article: The most important problem of democracy in brief:                                   Unless we find an answer to that problem, we will never stop America’s slow, imperceptible slide to the abyss.                                   




Will the UN World-Government destroy civilization?


Following write-up is mainly against “democracy” which is not analyzed in human history so far – it explains how, in the long run, all governments on earth will fall due to democracy, and how democracy will ultimately destroy civilization. Presently, Western governments are proceeding towards that fall, colonization and “UN World-Government”, are parts of that erosion.



In the year 1999–2000 I worked in Iraq under the UN’s Oil for Food Program. During this posting I realized that the UN, subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize for its “humanitarian activities”, was a massive fraud perpetrated on man-kind by the West, created to play the role of East India Company, to give a semblance of legality to the colonial activities of the West. I also found that like the planned fall of so many countries all over the earth, India too could fall in the coming years, for which the foundation was possibly being laid now. I have identified five strong reasons why the West will want to destabilize India in the coming days.  The US today has its military and controlling influence over more than 100 countries on earth, this being a continuation of European conquest of the five continents, the baton having been passed from the Europeans to the Americans after WWII. It is not being realized so much because American style is different from European style.

While observing the above, I also realized that the US easily succeeds in its global endeavors because of the inherent weaknesses and drawbacks of these undeveloped countries – as part of their backwardness, THEY MURDER RATIONAL USE OF INTELLIGENCE IN THEIR SOCIETY! I suffered very heavily during upbringing, it almost destroyed my life – but when I said that the UN is a danger to India, I suffered extreme persecution from educated upper caste Indians led by Brahmins! A further characteristic of these undeveloped countries is that they adamantly refuse to acknowledge their drawbacks, do not allow self-introspection and self-criticism, but rather murder self-righteously from behind what they call as “our ancient culture / civilization”. This binds them into a vicious circle of strong opposition to, and yet, a continuous defeat at the hands of the West. TODAY, i am almost ready to challenge the american president; it will happen fast if i get support from indians – instead i am afraid for my life!

Because of all the above, there is a contradictory requirement that the men of undeveloped societies have to simultaneously guard themselves from the Westerners, and at the same time, learn a lot from them. Overall, there is a far greater need for undeveloped societies to change and improve, rather than keep cursing the westerners.


In the write-up below, I am very briefly developing the above points one by one: 1. America’s / West’s greatness and erosion due to democracy, 2. UN as the most evil organization on earth which will finally destroy civilization and, 3. Need for undeveloped societies to change. I have written books about these topics, but it is not possible to produce them here, and DEMOCRACY BEING UNCHARTED TERRITORY, i.e. not much work having been done on it, it is difficult to understand without proper / lengthy explanations, but still I will give a gist below.



if people are interested I will supply this part later.


The most important problem of democracy in brief:

I will explain this problem briefly as follows:              There were 25 FFs (Founding Fathers) they had strong differences of opinion to the extent of endangering the fledgling republic, but honesty was a major virtue everybody possessed then (erosion due to democracy had not happened – in fact their only big weakness was that they had not locked the republic properly.) Society was strongly under their influence i.e respected their thinking, VOLUNTARILY considered them to be Patricians. But because democracy was never analyzed before, the weakness of democracy was not recognized which has become glaring today – while each of the FFs had a single unit value as far as voting is concerned (i.e. determining America’s course / future), today there is a massive parasitical “doles vote-block” that has nothing to do with their thinking (means does not want to work at all), in fact declares those great men to be racists, enslavers, capitalist exploiters etc – Mitt Romney is reported to have said (during presidential campaign) that these are approximately 50% of America, but I am conservatively estimating them at 33%, still they are millions of Americans!! I found it reported on the net that 14% or 32 million Americans are considered illiterate while many above them are hardly literate! There are also the mentally retarded cases, the lunatics, the die-hard criminals who never did productive work nor intend to ever do it, and so on and on. All these votes, bereft of any thought except FREEBIES – and abuses for emancipator-FFs -- have the same unit value as the FFs – imagine 25 votes of FFs, the most enlightened, magnanimous men, versus today’s millions who hate them / their thinking, having the same unit vote-value adding to millions of votes – do you think that this kind of a political system, or rulers determined by such people, will remain stable, will not collapse sooner than later? (In fact it is holding on for so long only because of the greatness of those people, of their enlightenment.)                        I have talked about challenging the American President: the above question can be taken as the first challenge, and in fact the challenge can be taken by entire America, Europe, and India, by anybody on earth who has knowledge about statecraft!! Collapse is imminent, faster in case of undeveloped societies, and delayed to the extent of development in developed societies! This is “the most important problem of democracy in brief” -- solution is needed for that, and I have it as further parts of my book! So let us see the effect of these millions of voters in the following sub-articles.

END OF QUOTE FROM THE AUTHOR’S BOOK, BUT QUOTE FROM HIS ARTICLE CONTINUES                           (Here I cannot reproduce the around 50-100 pages of how America is proceeding towards collapse due to democracy, but only give its gist: when politicians and the lower strata of society (millions of parasites of the “doles vote-block”) realize that the latter have huge influence in electing politicians, initially mediocre politicians will get elected, then slowly dishonest ones will emerge, dishonesty will keep rising and finally the principle “murderer wins over the pick-pocket” will manifest, the dictator will take over. See how fast this has become true about India below, it being only a matter of more time with the West.

Here I will add a gist of another sub-article in my book, “Civilization turning full circle” – at great cost of martyrdom, punishments like burning at the stake, ostracism and confiscation of everything, losing everything in wars, with huge life-long efforts, fights and posthumous eulogy (example Galileo), heroes extract mankind out of tribalism, slavery of totalitarian murderous dictatorships and other long horrible Dark Ages. The civilization and knowledge they bring also liberates the lowest strata people who have no idea of heroism, of the fight and the sacrifices, and have no idea of individualism, of the fact that they have to sustain themselves. Eventually, in the long run, THEY FIND THOSE FROM UPPER STRATA OF SOCIETY WHO SEE SELF-INTEREST IN PROMOTING THEIR PARASITISM, who make and continuously increase demands on the productive people till the demands divide society, till it ends in today’s social atmosphere described above (author’s article), till it ends in dishonesty winning over honesty, vices winning over virtues. That way the lowest stratum ends civilization! Same as the most important problem of democracydescribed above.

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Jacob, I use the words "retarded" and "idiotic" regularly, for a lot for collective actions. For the application you used the term, I think the term now favored by the with-it folks is "mentally challenged." That is Madison-Avenue-speak for "significantly mentally subnormal" I'd say.

Plato had some serious criticisms of democracy. Have you read Bastiat's The Law? Do you know if it is read at all in India? Translated into Hindu? Do you know why socialism was the top ideology in India at the time of Nehru? What do you think of the current leader in India? He seems to be terrible on religious tolerance in the view from here.

It seems a stretch to think of the United Nations as a world government. 

I saw an article a few years ago in which a Brit was criticizing the US for not simply becoming an empire like Britain had been, instead of meting US international influence and responsibility in the way it does. Modern Americans, I'd say, would not make the sacrifice that British families made to sustain the empire. After the British failure of empire in the American colonies, the King kept a stronger military presence in other venues, such as India. Not only a bigger boot on the conquered, but an endless bigger burden on the Brits.

It is my understanding that sacrifice to gods under the Rgveda is a reciprocity in which people give to gods and request things from them such as economic wellbeing and cure of disease and in which they praise past generosity of the gods. (That much in era of tribal society, although in later, chiefdom organization, sacrifice as part of rich-folk ritual to glorify and preserve life of the ruler.) Do you know if self-sacrifice per se is shown as something noble in Rgveda? In the US, the virtue of charity in both Jewish and Christian faiths, as well as virtue of self-sacrifice for others in the Christian case, has been continually planted into functions of the state. In the US, those religious values and virtues color the backgrounds of what people think the state should be doing, such as redistributing wealth, mandating conservation of energy, and serving in the military or Peace Corps. Is there a Vedic background for such functions of the state being accepted among the people in India? Is influence of Christian or Islamic religion in politics significant there?

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Thank you Stephen,

Your long, studied comment is a morale-booster. I thought it merits a separate post in response because of the topic at hand, and the innumerable issues you raked up. Please see my next OP titled: "Response to Stephen Boydstun’s long comment on my OP about US Expansionism and Evil of the UN."



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