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Reblogged:Has the GOP Already Blown the Midterms?

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In a rather ironically mistitled column, Dick Morris considers the possibility that, by sowing distrust in early and absentee voting, the Republicans might be "about to blow it" in the midterms:
Image by Tiffany Tertipes, via Unsplash, license.
Remember how, in 2020, the Democrats piled up huge leads among those who voted early, sometimes weeks before election day, while. Republican operatives wrote ads and conducted polls and generally sat back and waited for the calendar to turn to election day to get out their vote. By the time the Republicans showed up, the Democrats had already piled up leads that were insurmountable through early voting. [bold added]
Morris cites some statistics to back himself up ahead of adding the below elaboration on just how shortsighted and stupid it was of a certain un-named, blustering loser to sow widespread mistrust of the election system over a single election, back in 2020:
[W]ith election day voters, there is no margin for error. If even five percent of Republican voters don't show up, because the kids got sick, things piled up, the flu, or just too many things to do, the Party risks losing Senate races that are now on razor edge in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio and, with them, control of the Senate or even the House. [bold added]
With the Senate, of course, that risk is heightened by the very weak candidates Trump hand-picked, one of whom is struggling against a far-left, walking self-parody in Pennsylvania who should have been easy pickings -- even before he suffered a massive stroke.

If the Republicans underperform in this election, the GOP's ridiculous stand on abortion and Donald Trump will have caused it to happen.

-- CAV

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