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My school is trying to decide who should speak at our graduation and they want suggestions. So far on their list

Conan O'Brien

Lance Armstrong

Oprah Winfrey

Hillary Clinton

Jon Stewart

Lance Armstrong is the only one I think I'd like to speak at my graduation. I've suggested Peikoff and Donald Trump. Who else should I request?

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I fear Lance might be compartmentalized in his politics, so I'd go for Conan for a good laugh, since he tends to not say anything profound in terms philosophy, in my experience.

Oh-- what are Lance's politics? I guess I never thought about that...

Yeah Conan is probably the best choice on that list.

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I am impressed. If these are serious considerations for guest speakers, I'm curious if you are in a private school. I wish I went to a school that had the capacity to have sought people of that caliber. (Not that I am saying that Oprah Winfrey is of any value other than 'Famous') :D

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Oh-- what are Lance's politics?  I guess I never thought about that...

The only detail I know about Lance Armstrong's politics is that he was reportedly opposed to the war in Iraq. That's not a good sign, IMHO. Of course, to date he has refused to use his celebrity as a platform to push his political views, a decision which I think is an important factor in explaining the wide respect in which he is held. A lot of people are very tired of celebrities assuming that because they're famous we want to hear about their political opinions, whether we agree with them or not.

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