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COVID-19 Mass Vaccination is a Military Operation

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Clicking on the article I didn't see or could not easily find their methodology , I'd like to see how these studies determine counterfactuals based on their methods of estimation. Like, what r values did they use and or how that may compare historically with changes in the infection rate during a 'normal' viral infection course. And things like their findings/estimates being expressed in absolute risk vs relative risk statistics. 

For me a strike against their scientific rigor is the groups firm commitment to antiracism practices , equitable healthcare solutions and public health policy seemingly leaving evidence based research as secondary.

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Tad, I was unable to understand their methods.

I don't know what weight to give the circumstance that the organization has a variety of social aspirations. Strictly speaking, it would seem falling into the circumstantial ad hominem fallacy to give that any weight not zero. Be that as it may, I think what could have most bearing on any slanting in this particular data would be a desire that people get vaccinated for this contagious disease and for contagious diseases more generally. Or anyway, that leaders not try to sabotage this effort. 

As far as the merit of THAT social aspiration goes, I think it is fine. When I was a child in the 1950's, we got various vaccinations in school, including vaccination against polio. I don't recall my folks having any objection to it. As an adult, were I a parent of a schoolchild, I'd want them to have any vaccination our doctor thought good. Were there some sort of legal requirement (at what penalty?) to have schoolchildren vaccinated, I would not count it as a compulsion since I would want it to happen anyway. With respect to the Covid vaccines, I've not felt under any legal compulsion to get vaccinations, and I've not invested any time to learn whether there is any legal requirement for me to do so, because I simply wanted the vaccination, the sooner the better. 

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Stephen, I was offering my opinion of the weight I would give a study that purports to show the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA covid shots in general and by this specific group given their mission statement.

As a layperson my understanding of virology leads me to believe that 'dead virus' vaccines are the type I'm most comfortable getting for myself or my children. I expressed my concerns with the covid shots as they were available to my adult son and so far he holds the same estimation or at least has not yet been pressured to 'just get one' because x,y,z action would be 'easier' ie travel or job opportunity. My adult daughter is profoundly physically and mentally disabled and the risks of the experimental injections out weighed any advantage they might confer, advantages I've have yet to see clearly defined. My wife and I agreed that she would not be innoculated with mRNA platform covid jabs. When they were both school age children we followed the recommended vaccine schedules for their respective groups, and as our daughter aged she was required to have annual flu shots for participation in her daily adult care programs.

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Here is a critique that touches on some of the same questions I have of the estimates from this study. 


Aside from discussions of specific examples of scientific rigor, my point is to show the influence of ‘publishing’ as such and the propaganda surrounding all things Covid.

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I'm going to assume there have been no significant editorial changes at the Lancet

"Modern attitudes to human health take a purely anthropocentric view—that the human being is the centre of medical attention and concern. "

They seem to be just the publishing arm of the WHO( headed by the commie dude who doesn't know the difference between watery diarrhea and cholera)



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