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Richard's Growth In Wizard's First Rule

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I'm fascinated by Richard's struggle with his role as Seeker. On the one hand, he has come to value Kahlan intensely, and really accepts the role as Seeker out of the desire to have justice for his father's death and in order to protect Kahlan from Darken Rahl. However, through his journey to King's Port, he struggles with the notion that his mission might entail leaving one of his great values, Kahlan, behind were she to come into mortal danger, and thus struggles with the "soldier-like" role of a Seeker. That is, the idea that a Seeker is a defender of justice, and in his value hierarchy, this must be at the top. I'm rereading WFR, and I'm interested in seeing how he resolves this apparent conflict, since I can't really remember. Your thoughts?

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Well, I suppose you're way past WFR now, but I'll answer anyway. Having read the book just today I can safely say that he doesn't resolve this conflict here. I think it's something TG wanted to resolve later in the series.

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