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I really find Adrien Brody attractive. Not sure about his personality. He was damn good in The Jacket.

I guess I have a thing for guys with messed up noses. I also like guys to be tall, lean, and classy looking.

He just seems to ooze this air of confidence.




I also really liked Val Kilmer in the Salton Sea. Again, confidence is key.


And finally (for now), Christian Bale. He looks so intense.



Appearance does matter to me, to a degree. I also like guys who are good at a lot of things, a kind of "self mad man"? But returning to my previous point. I like dark haired, lean, lightly muscled guys. I like tall men with crooked smiles and an arrogant demeanor.

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Do you consider 5'10" tall? If so, would you consider a move to Nebraska? If not, what if I wore stilts or platforms?

Platforms? Only if you looked like this guy. Now THAT'S classy.


But seriously- by tall I meant, "taller than me", and I'm 5'9".

You picture on the "Show Your Face" forum reminds me of the guys from The Mars Volta.


You know, the Woman thread went on an asian fling, but so far this thread has been immune. It's time to remedy that.


First up is Gackt. If I ever wanted to date a guy who was prettier than me, this would be it. It's really almost disturbing.

Okay...so that's really the only one I can think of right now...so...

How about some Brits?

I have to admit, before the haircut and the handle bar mustache, Freddie Mercury would go on my list. I really like the way he looks in the Bohemian Rhaposdy music video, though he's bit...effiminate...for my taste. I like his jaw and his nose.


And my personal favorite- David Bowie. I've liked him since I was seven. Too much Labyrinth, I think. I like his bony facial structure, and his eyes. His features are kind of hawkish.





So maybe I have a thing for vocalists. Well, not maybe. In light of that...

I really liked the lead singer for The Decemberists. He was very witty, talented, and had very nice teeth. And pretty eyes.


Can't think of any more right now.

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I really find Adrien Brody attractive. Not sure about his personality. He was damn good in The Jacket.

I guess I have a thing for guys with messed up noses. I also like guys to be tall, lean, and classy looking.

He just seems to ooze this air of confidence.


As a straight male, I find Adrien Brody attractive in that manly sense. I hope you guys know what I'm talking about. It's like, he's what I think a man should look like. He does seem to "ooze this air of confidence". I really liked him in The Pianist.


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As a straight female...

As opposed to...? I don't think anyone's professed to be otherwise that I've seen.

You can keep the girly, artsy, pretty boys.

I will. :)

... or Mel Gibson in his "Braveheart" role...

I just prefer men who look like they...bathe? Often.

I prefer men with firm, square jawlines, dark hair, and high cheekbones.

I like mine to have a moontan. :)

And no one can beat, for sheer class, Cary Grant.

Or for eyebrow hair per square inch. :lol:

This is all in good humor of course.

On a more serious note though, I don't like Viggo, he's too apologetic. Saw him in a interview and it really ruined it for me. And I never liked Mel Gibson for the same reasons. I'm not familliar with Daniel Day-Lewis, but he's not bad looking. I prefer more sharp features though.

Another attractive thing about men is their voices. David Bowie has a beautiful speaking voice. You might forego his looks for that.

And I really like the way he laughs. It's genuine and arrogant at the same time.

(Added links to Google Images, for those -- like me -- who can't remember some of the people mentioned -sNerd)

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I second Cary Grant:


He has a very angular face, and body. I love everything about him, I think he's one of the most handsome men to have ever set foot on this earth. He had a magnificient way of moving and talking, he was very funny but he was also very reserved. He was like an average man, but he had an air of aristocracy. He always looked perfect. I can't pick any feature in particular, I think everything about him added up to one indivisible whole, a complete projection of: MAN.

While I'm at it, I'll cast my vote for Ingrid Bergman as one of the most beautiful women ever (she's up there in the pic with Cary, if you don't know). But here it's different, what I like about her most is her smile, it just doesn't get better than that. She was a relatively large woman, so physically I'm not too attracted to her. I just think she has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Other classic actors worth mention: Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum.

Oh, and then there's Marcello Mastroianni(also on my avatar):


Recent actors: Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman.

As a male,

Sebastián Peña

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I was going to reply to the “Woman Thread,” but I couldn’t think of any women that I find especially attractive. Several men did come to mind though. (I’m not even going to bother trying to psychoanalyze that one)

Lol!! I have the exact same thing only with women.

I can find many women beautiful, but for me to find a guy beautiful takes a lot more.

I guess the reason is that for me man's physical beauty comes from their character (as expressed in their face and body) while with women I can easily make a separation between (what I call) "physical beauty" and "beauty of character".

A woman can be gorgeous without having any expression that indicates some heroism, but a man can't, for me.

Disclaimer: a man can have a beautiful (from the type of "physical beauty") body and to some extent a face as well, but it's very unlikely for me. But Johnny Depp is one of those exceptions:


Johnny Depp 1

Johnny Depp 2

Johnny Depp 2

I had a hard time finding pictures of him that showed his pretty face without having a second-handish expression ruin them.

What I like about his face is a certain "quietness" they project. This sort of serenity, that he doesn't have to say much to express a lot.

I like how his cheeks are sort of "sucked in" a bit, emphasizing his cheek-bones. For me it is a feature of an introverted guy with (having problems finding the words here) self-discipline. I like how his eyebrows have a distinct shape.

Not too much of a strong charater there, but still I like the features of his face.

Another face I like is Christofer Walken's. Now this dude's got some strong presence. There is something about his face that almost looks evil, but just almost. Anyway, it's the most interesting face I've ever seen.

Christofer Walken 1

Christofer Walken 2

Christofer Walken 3

Christofer Walken 4

Christofer Walken 5

In the last picture, he seems to demonstrate (by the lines around his mouth) a description of Roark as a man who seldom smiles and who has a certain contempt in his expression. I think this image captures it.

I would cast him Gail Wynand without hesitations.

That's it for now.

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I decided that The Man Thread has been grossly neglected! So, I found and put together some of my favorite men, past and present (past being less than a decade... the fashion world moves at lightning speed), for your viewing pleasure. All of them are male models. Though I find some male actors attractive, they just can't compete with the models.

Now, my own primary interest is in the men, but I'm guessing that there is a greater interest from the forum generally in women. As such, I have posted three of my favorite women over at The Woman Thread. Enjoy!

First, like Cindy Crawford, a face that is perfect at every angle: Julien Hedquist



New face, Travis Davenport


Relative unknown Patrick Conboy


Simon Nessman


Caleb Lane


For some reason one of my favorites, Arthur Kulkov


Four miscellaneous but gorgeous


And finally a classic face (a la Abercrombie marketing), Jacques Naude


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I agree with Jaskn that models are at the top. But I'll show one of my own models. His name is Aaron and I saw him at the gym one night and just walked up to him and asked him if he would like to model for me.





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Ciaran Hinds has the perfect "Objectivist appearance" if you ask me. He's tall and gaunt, with prominent facial features, a very noble bearing and a commanding voice -- something that he has in common with the Objectivist characters described in Atlas Shrugged.




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I agree with Jaskn that models are at the top. But I'll show one of my own models. His name is Aaron and I saw him at the gym one night and just walked up to him and asked him if he would like to model for me.





This doesn't add to the discussion, but my mom just walked in my room while I was looking at this thread basically making me look like a...well... nvm.

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I, personally, am not attractive and I don't expect people to pretend that I am (in fact it irritates the crap out of me when they do), I just like them to acknowledge that I still have value because the purpose I serve in their life is not primarily to be ornamental.

I think this is a very powerful statement.

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Yes, quite neat.

One sympathetic character in The Fountainhead is Toohey’s aunt. “She was a tall, capable woman to whom the word horse clung in conjunction with the words sense and face.” She is endowed with goodness and is not fooled by the public deceits of the youth Ellsworth, whom she calls Elsie. “‘You’re a maggot, Elsie,’ she once told him. ‘You feed on sores’. ‘Then I’ll never starve,’ he answered” (317, first edition).

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Gary Cooper... not particularly in The Fountainhead but as he became more rugged with age ..in Westerns...

and the guy I think should have played Francisco d'Anconia in A$. . . Antonio Banderas

Both of these men ooze self confidence by their seemingly cool indifference to the opinions of others. . . both are very easy on the eyes and both have gorgeous eyes.



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