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I also think that Alexis Bledel is quite beautiful. I saw her in an interview once and she came across as extremely intelligent (almost surprisingly so) and very well spoken. Not to mention those gorgeous and intense eyes. She might very well be the perfect woman.


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Ally walker. She played Samantha waters in Profiler (not on air anymore).




Another beautiful picture

Wearing a dress

Sam and Baily (from Profiler)

She has this cold, distant appearance, and at the same time she is feminine and vulnerable. She seems focused on her inner-world.

Here is more about her life: About Ally walker.

I just recently discovered that everything that I saw in her character in the series, was described by her word by word: Here are her thoughts of the character she played:

"The reason I like Sam is that she is very smart. But there is a tough side to her. She is so bright, she is so sensitive, but she is so vulnerable at the same time."

"You saw her frailty and I loved that. A woman’s strength comes from her femininity, from her ability to be vulnerable and to feel."

"She has a softness about her, she's really comfortable with her femininity. I can act that better than I can be it in my real life, and I really like that quality of softness. Do you know what I mean?"

"I think that Sam is pretty oblivious. I know that he [bailey] loves me, but I am never quite aware that it's romantic love. The great thing about Sam is that she is oblivious to anyone liking her because she has been trapped for so long."

"It is interesting to play a character with such a depth of emotion that most people don't get to play especially on TV. The sheer pain of what she has gone to is so deep that it is really interesting."

"I really want to convey someone who has come from the other side of darkness and is strong and intelligent."

"She was like this fleshed out real person that could have been a guy. Because she's a woman, however, I think that she can do anything. Femininity is one of the strongest characteristics one can have. Being a woman is a beautiful thing, and Sam's strength and femininity are very positive for people to see."

And here she talks about her favorite TV shows:

I liked Mr. Magoo a lot because he was really critical, and I'm sort of critical myself.

Intelligent, critical, feminine. Wow, this actress is amazing. She should play Dagny.

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Over at The Man Thread, I have posted some of my very favorite male models. So, as advertising for that thread (and because there are so many unbelievably gorgeous women, too), here are three of my favorite female models. Many of you will recognize all three. :dough: Enjoy!

First, the most beautiful woman that has ever lived, Cindy Crawford. There was no angle of her face that was less beautiful than the other:


Gisele Bündchen, the most successful model, and in my opinion the best at her work:


And Adriana Lima, super fucking hot:


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I honestly can't post and hope to answer the question asked here.

I don't know any famous women. All of the ones posted so far are beautiful, as in very nice to look at but I honestly can't tell you if they are beautiful or if they just look that way.

EC, has made the best post, as far as truly answering the question I think. ;)

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Alessandra Ambrosio, if someone hasn't already mentioned her. It's pretty cliched, she's well known, but really hot nonetheless.

I think it's the skinny, exoticness about her that I like a lot.

I'm suprised I'm not more active in this thread? :)


This site should help us find more examples.

Oh yeah, how could I forgot Stacy Keibler?

When you form the concept of "gorgeous" in your head, this is what you should get...


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Audrey Hepburn is one of the most attractive actresses I've ever seen.


And I completely agree with Topliner on Alizee. Love her hair style (always found bobbed/shorter hair on a woman very attractive).

French singer Alizee:


Allison Mack, actress.


Emma Watson is gorgeous too. Perfect body shape.


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Uma Thurman. Just something about her turns me on.


Kate Bekinsale. She can bite me anytime!


Laura San Giacomo. Personality out the wazoo, and the looks to go with it.


Sara Jessica Parker. Elegant, and dosen't look like a plastic Hollywood Barbie with fake boobs.


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And lets not forget Kate Blanchett, seen here as Galadriel from LOTR.
Totally agree about Uma and Cate Blanchett, they're gorgeous in a weird way. I don't think SJP's face is pretty at all, but she moves like an angel, and has a really great body to boot. She used to be a dancer; I've known several other girls that grew up dancing who carry themselves similarly in regular life. They move confidently and serenely all at once, it's pretty pleasurable to be around.
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