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Reblogged:Have the Chinese Had Enough?

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Amid a record number of Covid cases -- that China is willing to admit, anyway -- its dictator has been continuing his immoral and impractical "lockdowns" -- i.e., indefinite mass detention.

Earlier this month, I noted:
Nobody who has considered the vast weight and variety of evidence about Covid from this three-year pandemic can rationally conclude that we are going to be able to eradicate this disease without also eradicating ourselves and its various host animal species.
This was along the way to considering what the folly of lockdowns actually accomplished, rather than the official excuse for carrying them out was, and ending on this note:
Let us hope the Chinese are a proud [people], and will soon stop tolerating being treated like dogs.
Image by "Date20221127," via Wikimedia Commons, license.
There are now hopeful signs of this, in the form of protests across the country, that apparently began after an apartment fire turned deadly in part due to the lockdown in place where it occurred. (One outlet called them the biggest protests since Tiananmen.)

It is early days and news is hard to come by, what with "authorities" there manhandling journalists en route to detaining them. And with some calling for freedom and others singing the Internationale, it is anyone's guess what might happen in the long run.

Still, one can only hope a people have awakened enough and in time to pull back from a potentially very dark era in its history.

-- CAV

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