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Fountainhead Passage

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I just read The Fountainhead it recently and I'm trying to decide on something. For one of my classes we have to read a passage from a book and there are three passage from this one that I can decide on.

1 - Howard Roark talking to Gail Wynand about second-handers while on Wynand's yacht.

2 - Ellsworth Toohey explaining how he rose to power and how he used selflessness to gain followers to Peter Keating.

3 - Howard Roark's defense at the Cortlandt trial.

Any suggestions?

Everyone here is so stuck in there biblical ways, I need to stir up the pot a little. :)

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Its been a while since I read any of these passages, but, given the summaries you provide, I would likely choose 2. It attacks them specifically and they will recognize this immediately. They may not as readily identify themselves as the specific target of objection and moral condemnation in the other two.

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