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New substack post for students of objectivism

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I am Robert Hays, and write under the name of grandpahays. I have created a substack (grandpahays.substack.com). I considered myself a student of objectivism in high school and the first years of college. Ayn Rand was stil working then, and I also attended several lecture series offered by the Nathaniel Brandon Institute. I have written a 9 part posting (and posted the first three parts) to my substack. This series is entitled "Reflictions of an Elderly Former Student of Objectivism. In it, I point out some improvements I think are warranted to Objectivism as articulated by Ayn Rand (and as I remember them). I think any current student of objectivism will find them interesting, and (I hope) useful. Note that I have nothing to gain financially from this (subscribing to my substack is free and I intend that income from my books will go to support the project, including posthumusly).

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Go Gramps! Thanks for sharing your interesting life course at your site. Do you live near Sedona?

The old identification "Students of Objectivism" faded away many years ago. Whether one studied Objectivism decades ago or just started this year, the replacement identification of one's self is Objectivist or Not, and if the latter, what are your differences from and coincidence with Rand's philosophy. One is said to be an Objectivist, said both by David Kelley and by Leonard Peikoff, if one concurs with the elements of the philosophy that are essential to it. Which elements are among the essential ones is left to the judgment of the self-identifier. 

I hope to read your installments, and sometimes comment a bit on them here. I have some information on Rand's formal education is science, which you mentioned, and I'll try to list it here when I get a minute to look it up.

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