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Four 28 Interesting Recipes

Occasionally, I kill two birds with one stone by blogging parts of my weekly review on Friday. This week, it was time to look at interesting recipes I heard about that I might want to try. Here are four links to recipes that turned up.

Most online recipes already take too long to get to the point, so here we go...


1. I'm much more likely to fry my chicken or incorporate it into jambalaya or a gumbo than to roast it, but the words easy and moist in an article about this recipe for cold-oven roasted chicken got my attention:
The recipe comes from Paris Picnic Club, a lovely new cookbook by Shaheen Peerbhai and Jennie Levitt, and goes like this: You start the chicken -- plopped on a twiggy bed of herb sprigs, whole garlic cloves, and lemon zest strips -- in a lidded pot, in a cold oven. (Then turn it on.) As the heat rises, the flesh cooks through gently, drinking in garlicky-herby steam and staying astonishingly moist. [link omitted]
I'll try this with dry spices first, because (a) I am not a snob, and (b) I value my time too much to have to either waste an hour at the store on the day I cook, or be forced to make something on the day I go to the store. (That said, I might go ahead and get garlic cloves for this one.)

2. When I ran across this recipe for shakshuka, I had to refresh my memory on what, exactly, that is:
(in North African and Israeli cooking) a dish consisting of eggs poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables.
Poached eggs? Say no more.

3. When I said I tend to fry my chicken, I fibbed a little. I like fried chicken, and I have a good recipe -- which is a hybrid of Popeye's and KFC knock-off recipes.

But frying chicken in oil is troublesome enough that I almost always just head to Popeye's or KFC if I'm in the mood for fried chicken.

Since I saute chicken a lot, and I don't have a deep fryer, it will be some time before I get around to making these Italian rice balls.

But I loved them when I was a student in Rome for a semester, and since I have yet to find them stateside, I will eventually do this.

4. This last is not a single recipe, but more of a reminder to myself to go through this list of 25 Foil Packet Dinners for Your Next Grill Out.

It's always grilling season here in Florida, and I might want to add a few of these to the rotation.

-- CAV

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A long time favorite of mine has been General Tso's Chicken. While I could bread chicken, or even look for the sauce recipe online, the latest approach to having it without goinf to a local Chinese eatery is to pick up a ~1lb bag of frozen popcorn chicken, a ~1lb bag of stir fry vegetables and a ~12oz jar of General Tso's sauce. 

For two people, start 3/8 cup of Basmati Rice according to the bag's instructions 

In a wok, or large sauce pan, add a couple of tablespoons of oil, with 8 oz of the popcorn chicken and the frozen stir fry vegetables of your choice. Cover stirring every couple of minutes or so. About 5 minutes before the rice is done, add 4 to 6 ounces of the General Tao's Sauce. 

Split rice onto two plates anf top each with 1/2 the sauce. Don't forger an Egg Roll and spicy mustard, if you are so inclines.


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