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Hypothetically, if scientific consensus became that objects do not exist independent of consciousness, could Objectivism stand?

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30 minutes ago, 2046 said:

A is B, C, or D all the time, you silly person.

Sadly, there are many who claim to believe it. Promoting it. Hinting that identification is impossible.

It is the core of brainwashing or mind control.

The idea is that "difference" is an illusion. Which should also imply that similarity is also an illusion. Contradicting itself as in A is B, C, and D is also an illusion. Once contradictions exist, meaning that they can exist, then anything goes.

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5 hours ago, Grames said:

The only correspondence that matters is correspondence with what exists.

The concord between mind and truth is not identical to the concord between mind and a physical object. A simple example is identifying whether your mind has stray thoughts, or not. Your answer can be true or false, because that fact is independent of any human claims. Oh, and the ability to take a third-person perspective on your own mind does not imply stepping out into an external realm. The equivocation between the 'externality' of facts and the 'externality' of the so-called physical realm is not a serious argument, and that's my main gripe with Kelley's book.

By the way, thanks for posting the summaries you linked in your sig. I used to read them before ARI released these courses on their website.

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