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Reblogged:Will MAGA Sink DeSantis?

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Ron DeSantis, the man who would be "Trump Without the Baggage," faces a dilemma if Donald Trump is indicted in the hush money investigation going on in New York:
Trump supporters are pushing for a 'MAGA moat' around Mar-a-Lago to prevent the former president from being arrested as they demand that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defy New York authorities and refuse to extradite Trump.


Now, some MAGA conservatives are demanding that DeSantis refuse to extradite Trump to a 'Soros DA' until the Florida government can conduct its own investigation -- with some even saying the governor should call in the Florida National Guard to protect Trump. [link omitted]
The article cites various Trumpist figures who make similar pronouncements, culminating in the following:
DeSantis many not have Trump's baggage, but he may trip over it, anyway... (Image by White Field Photo, via Unsplash, license.)
Political strategist and former radio host Joey M. also tweeted 'if DeSantis signs that extradition request, his political career as we know it would be over. He'd be worse than Pence.

'If he doesn't sign them, he becomes a hero to MAGA and possibly becomes the de facto nominee for 2024 - or mends fences with Trump and forms a unity ticket with himself as VP.'

Meanwhile, [radio host Stew] Peters tweeted 'if Ron DeSantis is the conservative hero he projects himself to be he should REFUSE to honor the arrest warrant for President-in-exile Trump and send the Florida National Guard to Mar-a-Lago to ensure Trump's protection.

'Anything less proves DeSantis is a fraud.'
Worse than Pence?!

Among other things, apparently including electoral officials who do their jobs even under pressure, Trump's base fails to appreciate that Trump's electoral appeal is ... quite limited ... among other voters.

That last point will not be lost on DeSantis, who has managed to pander to Trumpists so far, but now faces the choice of losing the support of this contingent of voters (at least some of whom he'll need to win the Republican nomination) by signing the papers -- or losing the support of non-Trumpist Republicans and independents (whose support any candidate would need against a Democrat) by refusing to sign.

It will be instructive to see what DeSantis does and how he justifies it, if push comes to shove.

Given that "Trump without the baggage" looks more and more like "a better organized and methodical (read: dangerous to freedom) caudillo" to me, I am not sure that Trump's legal troubles bringing down both men politically would be such a bad thing.

-- CAV

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