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On the occasion of National Women's Day, Suzanne Lucas found herself having to explain to feminists that, in my words, its okay to pay someone to do work that you yourself disdain:
Image by the Austrian National Library, via Unsplash, license.
If you are trying to launch your startup and working 80 hour weeks, or are managing a busy project, or if you work 35 hours a week but want time to focus on your kids, your hobbies or even Netflix, hiring a cleaning woman is a great idea. You exchange money for a service -- and that service is a clean toilet and a sparkly kitchen floor.

The cleaning lady takes home a paycheck.

This values women's work. Every year at Mother's day, all sorts of organizations publish the value of a mom, trying to push the point that women's work does have value. And now, [Sally] Howard wants to say that paying for that value is wrong.

It's not wrong. If it's wrong to pay someone to clean your toilet, it's wrong to pay someone to make your dinner. It's wrong to pay someone to mow your lawn, paint your house, grow your food, tend your children, or fix your car. It's not. [bold added]
Yes, and while the thought of wokescolds cleaning their own toilets as if it were some kind of sacrament makes me smile, I'd rather they read this and begin to appreciate how the market can liberate anyone willing to work from poverty.

Leftists are constantly trying to purge words they don't like from everyone else's vocabulary. Perhaps, for a change, they could clean up their own house, so to speak, and eliminate menial from their own categorizations of honest work.

-- CAV

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