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Objectivists in the military

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Joining military is NOT altruistic.

Why does a person join the military?

To defend his freedom and/or for the excitement.

Are these motives altruistic?

Those aren't the only possible motives, though.

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I disagree.  The military branches are HUGE organizations, with (I'm guessing) maybe a third in potentially life-threatening roles.  There are plenty of roles to fill behind the lines -- logistics, medical, procurement, administration, recruitment, etc.  I've met several former Navy personnel who went through a brief boot camp, got technician training, and never even set foot on a boat!  They did their tour of duty as technicians on land.  In some cases, aside from wearing a uniform, you wouldn't know whether they worked for the military or a private electronics firm.

Disagreement noted, but one of the things that all branches of the Military have in common is a base (Army base, Naval base, Air Force Base, etc.) at home and abroad. Unless you are in some deep covert MOS, you're going to work, live, seek medical attention when needed, etc. on one of these bases. Even if you are in the Navy and your MOS does not invovle ship duty (although most Navy personal will have to spend some of their time on a ship), you will still be working, living, etc. on a Naval base.

In any event, this discussion has taken an unpleasent twist I never intended.

There are many good reasons for joining the military, but I do think it important that the individual who contemplates such a decision consider the real dangers that are involved. I've tried to outline a few.

I wish everyone who makes such a decision the best of success in their thinking and the best of luck in their endeavors.

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