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A Friday Hodgepodge

"'Illegal immigrant' works as a smear because what it actually means is rarely put out in the open -- that the presence of peaceful, hard-working people is illegal in America." -- Agustina Vergara Cid, in "Reappropriate 'Illegal Immigrant' to Shine a Spotlight on Injustice of U.S. Immigration Restrictions " (The Orange County Register)

"No one debates whether James, Brady or Messi deserve our respect for their work; why don't productive geniuses get the same treatment?" -- Agustina Vergara Cid, in "Why I Admire the GOATs of the Business World" (The Orange County Register)

"[T]he story of science and technology and industry is a huge part of human history and it just isn't taught in school and absolutely ought to be a required subject." -- Jason Crawford, in "Make the Future Bright Again: Jason Crawford on Building a New Philosophy of Progress" (The Hub, Interview)
According to leftists, you might be a "ratings terrorist" if you express displeasure about paying to see a movie -- but receiving a sermon, instead. (Image by Eugenio Albrecht, via Pixabay, license.)
"Leftists can't simply accept that Disney released its latest mediocre movie, which audiences correctly identified as mediocre, and they feel the need to condemn people for not liking a movie that was used to push an agenda, instead of entertaining audiences..." -- Bosch Fawstin, in "Giving Low Ratings to Disney's Black Little Mermaid Movie is 'Ratings Terrorism'" (FrontPage Magazine)

"t was surprising to find that even highly experienced radiologists were adversely impacted by the AI system's judgments, albeit to a lesser extent than their less seasoned counterparts." -- Paul Hsieh, in "How 'Automation Bias' Plus Artificial Intelligence Can Lead to Medical Misdiagnoses" (Forbes)

"What do American radar operators in World War II have in common with modern day patients trying to decide if a whole body MRI scan is worth the money?" -- Paul Hsieh, in "What Does It Mean to Say a Medical Test Is 'Sensitive' or 'Specific'?" (Forbes)

"[T]he new EU Intellectual Property Office regulatory regime will empower China to reinvigorate its policy of coercing Western innovators to charge lower royalties to China's domestic device manufacturers." -- Adam Mossoff and Tom Duesterberg, in "European Commission Undermines Western Innovators, Boosts Chinese Dominance of Telecom Sector" (Heritage Foundation)

"[F]or every 592 people, 591 of them face the prospect of paying the highest rents or condo prices in the country for generally old and poorly maintained or tiny new apartments, or they must pay through time: hours-long commutes..." -- Raymond Niles, in "The Political Cleverness of Envy-Driven Housing Policies" (American Institute for Economic Research)

"Rather than preen about Disney's "privileges," the governor should have proposed recognizing everyone's rights." -- Gus Van Horn, in "Considering Ron DeSantis? You May Want To Back Down" (RealClear Markets)

-- CAV

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