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Reblogged:A Red-Pilled Leftist on Hamas

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Self-described "progressive Democrat" Lanny Davis notes a curious refusal to face facts on the part of his compatriots concerning the war in Israel:
I spent the weekend and most of Monday engaging in back-and-forth with fellow progressive Democrats who were trying to change the subject on the clear black-and-white facts about Hamas' terrorist war against Israel. I kept reminding them of four indisputable facts. [italics in original]
These facts are as follows, and will likely sound familiar to many of those of us who do not call ourselves "progressive." (Note that while each fact listed is directly quoted from Davis, I don't lead with his first sentence on Fact 2, because the idea of a "two-state solution" obscures the essential problem.)
This picture -- of the same kind of atrocity by the same butchers -- is over a decade old. Hamas already deserved more then than it's about to get now. (Image by Edi Israel, via Wikimedia Commons, license.)
  1. Hamas openly declares it hates Jews.
  2. Hamas denies Israel's right to exist.
  3. Hamas doesn't care about ... the well-being ... of Gazans.
  4. Hamas is and continues to be a terrorist organization -- which meets the universal definition as dedicated to intentionally murdering civilians for political purposes.
Davis does a good job support each point with historical data.

All of these facts fly in the face of very common excuses for allowing these barbaric theocrats to govern Gaza, and, while I wish it did not take recent events to cause more people to face these facts, I am glad to see that some have learned them and are calling out anyone trying to pretend otherwise.

-- CAV

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Glad to see a leftist confronting cognitive dissonance. My hope is that some of them can see the overlap between the implications of their own vitriol and the playing out of Hamas' inhumanity. Seeing their ideological opponents shot down in cold blood has to be a wake up call. Either they're on the wrong side or they never had the balls to own their convictions.

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