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My wife and I run a discussion group on Ayn Rand's philosophy: Objectivism.

Our group (currently four regular members) meets weekly in the evening in Southbury. Our discussions range from philosophical topics, (including metaphysics, epistemology, politics, aesthetics) to purely social exchanges. We seek to further the integration of Objectivism into our daily lives through exchanging experiences, perspectives, and occasionally correcting our errors. We range in age from 30's to 50's. Our meeting structure is very informal, and regular attendance is not required.

If you are interested in attending one or more of our discussions, please contact us through one of the following methods:

[email protected]

(203)267-5383 (Home number)

(203)797-6430 (Work number)

In our many experiences with other Objectivists, we have found great pleasure in the realization that we are not alone.

Aaron Turner

Connecticut Objectivism Discussion Group

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We used to have such a group in Bethel, CT, until all of the members relocated to other parts of the country. It is good to hear that there are still a few Objectivists remaining in CT.

I'm in New Milford, but unfortunately, my work and my wife's work schedule, coupled with the demands of caring for our 16-month-old daughter, make evening ventures out of the house all but impossible.

At the very least, we can congregate online.

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I can understand the constraints of young children - I have three daughters. In addition to weekly meetings, we also occasionally have weekend gatherings for more social purposes. When these occur, perhaps you would be interested in attending. If so, send me your contact information and I'll put you on our email list.

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