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Reblogged:Barbarians Escalate Against Israel

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Over the weekend and from its own territory, Iran launched a barrage of hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel, using Israel's attack on its "embassy" in Syria as an excuse.

I recommend Yaron Brook's real-time reporting and commentary (embedded here). I was out running errands when I began listening. Any time I checked, I found him to be well ahead of other outlets both in terms of timeliness and quality of information.

The whole thing was barely a blip in mainstream media, and even sites like the Drudge Report were somewhat late.

At one point, Brook noted the issue with the most military significance at present: Iran doesn't have the nuclear capability it has been trying to develop.

This attack could have been far worse, and harder to deal with if that had not been the case. And after this weekend there is no doubt that this scenario must be averted, in the minimal form of the destruction of Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

Ideally, the West also does whatever it can to topple the murderous, theocratic regime behind the attack and decades of terrorism and proxy conflicts. See also "End States That Sponsor Terrorism," by Leonard Peikoff.

As became apparent during the podcast, the need to end Iran's nuclear capability is a point many in Israel seem to grasp, as the following, quote of former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett, tweeted by Open Source Intel would indicate:
Some points regarding the overnight Iranian missile attack on Israel:
  1. Contrary to what pundits are saying, this wasn't designed merely as "bells and whistles" with no damage.

    When you shoot 350 flying objects timed to hit Israel at the same moment, when you use three fundamentally different weapon types -- cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and UAVs, you're looking to penetrate Israel's defenses and kill Israelis.
  2. The US administration is telling us: "This is a victory, you've already won by thwarting the missiles. No need for any further action." No, it's NOT a victory. Yes, it's a remarkable success of Israel's air defense systems, but it's not a victory.

    When a bully tries to hit you 350 times and only succeeds seven time, you've NOT won.

    You don't win wars just by intercepting your enemy's hits, nor do you deter it.

    Your enemy will just try harder with more and better weapons and methods next time. How DO you deter?

    By exacting a deeply painful price.
  3. It's incorrect to say "nobody got hurt". There's a 7 year-old Israeli-Arab girl called Amina Elhasuny fighting for her life. That's who coward Khamenei hit.
  4. The Islamic Republic of Iran made a big mistake. For the past 30 years it's been wreaking havoc on the region -- through its proxies.

    A terror-octopus whose head is Tehran, and its tentacles are in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Gaza.

    How convenient.

    The Mullahs send others to conduct horrendous terror attacks, and die for them.

    Other people's blood.

    Israel's strategic mistake for the past 30 years was to play along this strategy. We always fought the Octopus' arms, but hardly exacted a price from its Iranian head.

    This should change now:

    Hezbollah or Hamas shoots a rocket at Israel?

    Tehran pays a price.
  5. The enemy is the Iranian REGIME, not the wonderful Iranian people.

    The Iranian regime reminds me of the Soviet regime in 1985: corrupt to the core, old, incompetent, despised by its own people, and destined to collapse.

    The sooner the better.

    The West can accelerate the regime's inevitable collapse with a set of soft and clever actions, short of military force.

    Remember, USSR collapsed without any need for a direct American attack.

    Let's do this.
  6. Israel is fighting everybody's war. In Gaza, Lebanon and Tehran.

    We're considered "the small satan" by radical Islam. America is the big one.

    I'll be clear: if these crazy fanatic Islamic terrorists get away with murder by hiding among civilians, this method will be adopted by terrorists worldwide.

    We're not asking anyone to fight for us. We'll do the job. But we do expect our allies to have our back, especially when it's tough -- and now it's tough.

    Be on the right side and help us defeat these horrible and savage regimes.
That army of useful idiots -- the ninnies who are worrying about "escalation" -- are ignoring what happened on October 7 and over this weekend: Iran has already escalated unprovoked twice, and is going to escalate again, anyway. Its threats of doing worse if Israel retaliates are superflous and should be ignored, because these theocrats plan atrocities, genocide, and tyranny regardless of what we do.

This is war. We should fight it on our own terms.

This attack on Israel is a proxy attack on the West by dogs that smell fear. Let's snuff out these animals while they are still weak.

-- CAV

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Jon needs to be immediately banned.  I did it once and it needs to be permanent.  He is extremely evil,  anti-intellectual and is against all that is good in the world.  He is explicitly one of the most evil people alive.

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