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Demographics: Member Geographical Location

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Some recent posts and private PMs got me thinking that some members might like to know who else stays near them... same country, same state, etc. Of the almost 2000 members on the forum, about 350 have filled a "location" in their profiles. Unfortunately, the forum software doesn't provide an easy way to query (e.g. "Who stays in Florida?"). So, I created this list as a snapshot of what the profiles currently contain.

In the longer-term, I hope to be able to automate this to work as a query off the member directory.

If you haven''t bothered to fill in a location, but would like to, I'll re-generate this list in a few weeks (unless it is automated by then). On the other hand, if you wish to remove the location from your profile, this is your opportunity to do so.

(Note: Original list removed from this post. An updated list is available in a later post, below.)

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I'm guessing the list isn't finished yet... I'm from Texas :worry:
:lol: Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I could swear the preview was complete. The real post is a truncated version! I wiped Texas off the map, along TN, VA, WA.. !! Here is part 2...I count over 20 members from Texas. (Edited to remove out-of-date info.) Edited by softwareNerd
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Okay, the information in the two tables above has now been added to member profiles. If you Edit your profile, you will notice two new options. You can specify:

1) Country

2) US/Canadian State/Province

If you want to search for other members in your country or state, go to the Members list. At the bootm, you will see a button that says "Toggle More Options". You will see drop-down lists showing State and Country to use in the search.

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You know what would be cool... to have a map of the US/Canada (and a few other countries shown too)... clicking on a state/country would present:

1) List of campus clubs

2) List of local Objectivist groups

3) List of OO.net members from that state/country

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You know what would be cool... to have a map of the US/Canada (and a few other countries shown too)... clicking on a state/country would present:

1) List of campus clubs

2) List of local Objectivist groups

3) List of OO.net members from that state/country

... titled "Status of the World Domination Master Plan", just to encourage paranoia among religious groups :lol:

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That's true, but the IP is currently not visible to all members, is it? My personal opinion is that if a member wishes to keep their location private, that's fine. Even if a member mentions their city in a post, but does fill the State/Country entries in their profile, I'd rather keep them off the list.

That way everyone knows that they fill the entries if they want to be listed in State/Country searches; else, they simply leave that info blank.

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As promised, I am updating the list and will remove the previous one. About 40 members updated or added location information since the previous list.

To get the most up-to-date info, use the Members menu-option, click the button labelled "Toggle More Options", near the bottom of the page. It will allow you to search for members based on country and state.

Here is part 1 of the updated list. This is all Non-US members...

Country (non-US) Location Member
Austria   AUSTRIA Flaubert
Australia   Melbourne, Australia. Concerto of Atlantis
Australia   Brisbane, QLD, Australia Invictus
Australia   Sydney, Australia smathy
Australia   cruel.architect
Australia   Loki
Australia   apalazov
Australia   One
Australia   Melbourne, Australia Ranil
Australia   UberGiant
Australia   Mercury
Australia   sarah
Australia   MI5
Australia   capitalistpig
Australia   Occipital
Australia   RonPrice
Belgium   Red little belgium Gregoir
Brazil   Porto Alegre, Brazil Bruno
Canada AB Ab, Canada Acadi
Canada AB Nina
Canada AB Ian J.N.
Canada AB Foothills of Rocky Mountains west of Calgary Breeze
Canada AB male pecs torture
Canada BC British Columbia, Canada ex_banana-eater
Canada BC BC, Canada Stargirl
Canada BC New Westminster Melior
Canada BC ~Sophia~
Canada MB Winnipeg blueyedviking
Canada NB grid0lock
Canada NF onemind
Canada ON Ontario, Canada Douglas Treilhard
Canada ON Kitchener, Canada Zirjin
Canada ON Toronto meganfiala
Canada ON toronto canada xfireworksx
Canada ON Niagara Falls, Ontario BrentRolfe
Canada ON Toronto, Canada AMERICONORMAN
Canada ON Toronto, Canada mwickens
Canada ON Brantford, Ontario GWDS
Canada ON Toronto (Note: Canada is a socialist wasteland) Eddie Bauer
Canada ON Sundridge, Ontario Thaconos
Canada ON Toronto Sante
Canada ON Toronto, Canada Maty
Canada ON danlongeuay
Canada ON $$$
Canada ON OVO2005`007
Canada ON HermynaLily
Canada ON BenevolentBob
Canada ON TomerS
Canada ON juniusjunius
Canada ON Mann ist Gott
Canada ON TheOpposition
Canada ON free your mind
Canada ON Mc_E_Dee
Canada ON Toronto ON, Canada nofearnolimits
Canada ON Mae
Canada ON R.N.Whitehead
Canada ON HandOfGod
Canada QC Gatineau, Quebec Mandrake
Canada QC ptcnews
Canada   carriew7
Canada   Toronto Dalia
Canada   Glenn
Canada   eratoh
Canada   $Prometheus$
Switzerland   shanghai purequal
Switzerland   Fribourg, Switzerland AlexL
Switzerland   Thomas
China   kevin yu
China   vendetta
CzechRepublic   general-lz
CzechRepublic   Prague, Czech Republic Blinky
Germany   Wildeshausen/GERMANY woschei
Germany   Germany Dufresne
Germany   Germany Bobby66
Germany   Freiburg, Germany Eddie Punch
Germany   Felix
Germany   Noppy
Germany   Germany Christina_Aline
Germany   Clawg
Germany   not/me/
Denmark   Great Dane
Estonia   reri
Egypt   Sammy
Spain   MrRene
Spain   maria
Finland   Helsinki TuomoPaqvalin
France   Paris, France J.M.S.
U.K. MD sharktankmuahaha
U.K.   London poohat
U.K.   Derbyshire, UK. iouswuoibev
U.K.   London, England, UK MRDA
U.K.   London, UK Merlijn
U.K.   Canterbury, Kent Green Capitalist
U.K.   Isle of Wight/UK Olaf
U.K.   South Wales, UK Jingles
U.K.   Doncaster,United Kingdom Hakarmaskannar
U.K.   Currently USA, soon Cambridge, England lykaiosapollo
U.K.   London Dan Bidewell
U.K.   Technofear
U.K.   Wegason
U.K.   deathfromabove1979
U.K.   Triumph$
U.K.   The Protagonist
U.K.   NickMunro
U.K.   zctlbd5
U.K.   goliah
U.K.   England, UK Sarah of Taken In Hand
U.K.   truthrules
U.K.   marko_25
U.K.   amsurfer
U.K.   SteveCook
U.K.   eleanora
U.K.   panwithinlouise
U.K.   The bobster
U.K.   daenerys
U.K.   niconoclast
U.K.   rbzshah
Greece   AnnaT
Greece   Nienna
Croatia   Croatia source
Hungary   Hungary Capitalism Forever
Israel   Israel grosz
Israel   Israel Yaniv
Israel   Tel Aviv, Israel Erez Tal
Israel   Tel Aviv, Israel A.A
Israel   Razi
Israel   Labor omnia vincit
India   Calcutta, India suv
India   india galt
India   Mumbai, India egodart
India   Saraswathi
India   Hyderabad, India dhil
India   kira
India   spadeaspade
India   avid surfer
India   needhelp
India   viper
India   Zohaib
India   consult_joe
India   makhan107
India   akshay
India   Rahul M Vartak
India   wheel2wheel
India   Ergo
Iceland   Reykjavik, Iceland larus
Jordan   ma3ma3
Japan   Kunsan AB, ROK LucentBrave
Japan   Japan re-entity
Kenya   Nairobi, Kenya RABBAN
Sri Lanka   Sri Lanka shakthig
Morocco   Sweet48
Mexico   D'kian
Malaysia   Henry
Malaysia   PerakianJ
Singapore SD Mrs Susane
Netherlands   Netherlands xobject
Netherlands   The Netherlands Nindy
Netherlands   Netherlands Downpraise
Netherlands   radioactive toy
Netherlands   Vanderlanden
Netherlands   Fuser
Netherlands   Delft, the Netherlands Maarten
Norway   Oslo, Norway Andreas
Norway   Norway PelsJakob
Norway   Near Trondheim, Norway Olwe
Norway   Norway VikingF
Norway   The Objectivist
New Zealand   Auckland, New Zealand Prometheus98876
New Zealand   Auckland, New Zealand DragonMaci
New Zealand   Agathon
Philippines   vonjobi
Philippines   Aesa
Philippines   damned_by_choice
Philippines   markanthony24
Romania   Bucuresti, Romania Gabriel
Romania   Ilfov, Romania Ana
Saudi Arabia   nana
Sweden   Scania, Sweden nevesnamrah
Sweden   Gothenburg, Sweden EGO
Sweden   knast
Sweden   Stockholm Joachim Wingardh
Sweden   Simon Mann
Sweden   Andreas Johansson
Sweden   Alfa
Sweden   Common Sense
Singapore   abhishek
Singapore   Pink Rabbit
Turkey   Turkey-istanbul bencil
Turkey   istanbul,turkey howardroark
Turkey   cold warIII
U.K.   Farnborough, UK rainoffire
U.K.   Bristol, UK Red Goblin
Venezuela   Venezuela. daniel_eizaguirre
Zambia   Zambia, Africa blackdiamond
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USA States (AK through IN) ...

State Location Member
AK Heroic Man
AK Alaska anthony
AK Alaska mineguy
AK Anchorage, Alaska janie
AL bweck
AL samrolken
AL Thoughts
AL Huntsville, AL Dcyphyr_all_things
AL Madison County, Alabama Charybdis
AL Waverly, AL (near Auburn) JohnWBales
AR Van Buren, Arkansas NIJamesHughes
AZ Marnee
AZ tigger4me
AZ CapitalismRulz
AZ tdlego
AZ jfenwick
AZ Arizona-U.S.A. Aurelia
AZ Flagstaff, AZ AshleyShrugged
AZ Payson, AZ BroncoBobby
AZ Phoenix, AZ Onest52
AZ Phoenix, AZ El Polo
AZ Phoenix, Arizona bbrown
AZ Scottsdale chrissandvick
AZ Sun Lakes, AZ Frederick Whitney
AZ Tempe, AZ FeatherFall
AZ Tucson, AZ jedymastyr
AZ Tucson, AZ stratovolcano
CA mytruthisthetruth
CA Saberen
CA sweetst
CA Myrhaf
CA DonAthos
CA butterfly122972
CA nanokool
CA arete1952
CA Here_to_Confess
CA Musashi
CA Connie4567
CA Overdose
CA Starblade
CA Eudaemonian
CA blckcat314
CA puro party
CA cheongyei
CA Moebius
CA BNeptune
CA lilxleoxmisfit
CA Free Luna
CA Kevin
CA SteveX
CA MaLiK_mIn_PaLi
CA murderingmouth
CA Rationalis
CA JamesHicks
CA lostinmusic
CA tobyk100
CA UberKuh
CA ScottP
CA psk177
CA Faye
CA RichardRahl
CA Sev
CA mentilsoup
CA PioDJM3000
CA Taojonz
CA Dragonseeker
CA brittany
CA Otherworldly
CA Willers
CA Calhome
CA juli
CA dagneen
CA funandlearning
CA Isaac Z. Schlueter
CA obscura
CA sophia
CA Burbank, CA Mark Peter
CA California, USA, Earth thinkonaut
CA California Ehre
CA Camarillo, CA mawilson
CA Capistrano Beach, CA lifeisgreat18
CA Carlsbad, CA Socionomer
CA Davis, Ca. Living Student
CA Fresno, California Cole
CA LA, CA RadCap
CA Livermore KnowFear
CA Los Angeles, California Kevin Delaney
CA Los Angeles,CA Dagny
CA Los Angeles DJames
CA Los Angeles Thjatsi
CA Los Angeles Sevik
CA Los Angeles MisterSwig
CA Los Angeles Jrose
CA Marysville, CA orangesiscool
CA Orange County, CA Ed from OC
CA Orange, CA, USA rl096
CA Orange, CA The Productive Achiever
CA Pasadena, CA MrSubtle
CA Sacramento CA CapitalistPigDog
CA Sacramento, CA Heather
CA Sacramento The General
CA Sacramento trader1965
CA San Diego, CA USA oldsalt
CA San Diego, CA isaac
CA San Francisco, CA rob.sfo
CA San Francisco, CA dondigitalia
CA San Francisco, CA dark_stranger
CA San Francisco JoshJaffe
CA San Francisco Linda
CA San Jose, CA khaight
CA Santa Ana, CA Chickenbuttlips
CA Southern California kmk818
CA Southern California BondShirley
CA Southern California unlawflcombatnt
CA Thousand Oaks, CA, USA Betsy
CA Tracy, California Ogg
CA Woodland Hills, CA IdeaSave
CO Helen
CO aequalsa
CO j___dub
CO Vitamin J
CO Richard Wills
CO naffgaff
CO lcoreyl
CO darktenshi
CO WolvenWriter
CO j8cup
CO psh
CO Boulder, CO Nxixcxk
CO Boulder, CO CannonBall
CO Broomfield, Colorado seehafer
CO Colorado Intresca
CO Colorado GoodyTooShoes
CO Denver, CO Bryan
CO Denver, Colorado Melissa-R-2004
CO Denver, Colorado MikeJanis
CO Fort Collins, CO MadManLear
CO Sedalia, CO dianahsieh
CT Brandon
CT ericsamuel
CT Coleenie
CT Cheshire, CT Craig Houghton
CT Eastern Connecticut The Owl
CT Manchester, CT Styles2112
CT New Haven, CT deanima99
CT New Milford, CT (USA) mweiss
CT Voluntown, Connecticut jimrichski
CT Waterbury, CT bnittoli
DC Washington, DC JPowersDC
DC Washington, DC Wilderness
DC originally Ottawa, now in Washington, DC Godless Capitalist
FL Hidden
FL ericmarch
FL Furious George
FL gnargtharst
FL Ronbo275
FL Rick V.
FL jrearden
FL Foamy
FL Justice
FL Techmaster
FL jnewn
FL mrgreentie
FL cwarvin
FL RussK
FL Will
FL rg0600
FL gnasd
FL Jazzbeaux
FL Farrier
FL wduncanbinns
FL h2oclerk
FL Philosophiser
FL Central Florida Jason Fowler
FL FL, USA Charles T.
FL FL Bailey
FL Florida SuperSoaker
FL Florida AmbivalentEye
FL Ft Lauderdale, FL Dominique
FL Gainesville Gator
FL Jacksonville, Fl Release
FL Orlando, Florida Rdyson
FL Orlando ggdwill
FL Panama City, FL Lancifer
FL Sarasota, FL Nate_S
FL St. Petersburg, FL Grinning Dog
FL Tallahassee, FL downtothis
FL Tallahassee, FL ZiggyKD
FL Tallahassee, Florida Zhraath
FL Tampa, FL synthlord
FL orlando, florida thejohngaltline
FL tallahassee FaSheezy
FL tampa, florida objectivistartist
GA Morgan-LynnLamberth
GA Barrel Chick
GA ritzandroll
GA She
GA siete
GA Atlanta, GA Luke
GA Atlanta, GA F23AC
GA Atlanta Brien
GA Atlanta Fred
GA Jefferson, GA Trey Givens
GA Roswell, GA Chumley
GA Sharpsburg, GA AisA
HI Geoff
HI Mililani, Hawaii Legendre
IA damezij
IA Hawk
IA timrober
IA Iowa, USA AraqirG
IA Mount Pleasant, IA ycsmdafli
ID rosskeim
ID A Restless State of Mind... Evan
ID Boise, ID Matthew J
ID Idaho Falls, ID RyanJensen
IL enginerd
IL Tsuru
IL Nate T.
IL gryllidae
IL Kathleen
IL Breaking down Objectivism
IL Ryan Brown
IL mosespa
IL Lucy
IL Korthor
IL Chicago, IL YourFutureDentist
IL Chicago, Illinois Ursus
IL Chicago HankRearden
IL Chicago reason_on
IL Illinois Apprentice
IL Urbana, Illinois low_entropy
IL urbana, Illinois manjari
IN gardentoad
IN linehan
IN Thomas_Bradley
IN musenji
IN Indiana Evangelical Capitalist
IN Indiana suedehead
IN Indianapolis, IN Gnomer9
IN New Albany, Indiana redfarmer
IN Purdue University nemethnm
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Updated lists...

USA States KS through WI

State Location Member
KS Anthem2112
KS thegirishamerican
KS Wichita, KS, EARTH LadyAttis
KS Wichita, KS R Press
KY Becky
KY Currently in Kentucky Patrick28211
KY Elizabethtown, KY matteomastrom
KY Kentucky, USA Olex
KY Louisville, KY miedra
KY Louisville, KY Randrew
KY Louisville, KY Josh
LA Vox
LA Lafayette, Louisiana Ravane
LA New Orleans Mikebert
LA Walker, Louisiana DvuSgrl
MA DilJective
MA miseleigh
MA Matt C4S
MA rei ichi
MA ColdWontRise
MA Cecil
MA Baston, MA LifeSimpliciter
MA Boston, MA metaphysician7887
MA Boston hippie
MA Cambridge, MA merolish
MA Williamstown, MA NeuroSophy
MD yar
MD Monchi
MD Baltimore MD Michero
MD Columbia, MD A is A
MD Gaithersburg, Maryland jrs
MD Germantown, MD JIdoni
MD Maryland Sparrow
MD Towson, MD xOraclex
ME Young-Objectivist
ME pastoral engineer
MI tinalouise57
MI Berk Wyatt
MI BryanG
MI chicka
MI Thermopylaen
MI lost1mind
MI ChrisFromLansing
MI Dikaiosyne
MI Marmie
MI Ciscokid
MI thatjimboguy
MI NewEdit617
MI Ann Arbor, MI xavier
MI Ann Arbor, MI acapier
MI Ann Arbor, MI andrew
MI East Lansing, Michigan nimble
MI Lansing, Michigan Mexigogue
MI MI Bowzer
MI Michigan, United States Brian
MI Michigan cxiii
MI Michigan drsm
MI Mt Clemens, Michigan Bill Bucko
MI People's Republic of Ann Arbor PeteyRimple
MI Pontiac, MI tikker911
MI Warren, MI Cosmicsnowfall
MI Wyandotte, MI eetest01
MN moun0029
MN mentzer51
MN konerko14
MN justkariann
MN carbonfibernanotube
MN Cake
MN t0mmyberg
MN arabesqua
MN Dmoney
MN MN lgcamp
MN Minneapolis, MN manavmehta
MN Minneapolis, MN WI_Rifleman
MN Minneapolis Ramare
MN Newton, IA / Minneapolis, MN MarkusH
MO JenniAnn
MO Joplin, MO dragon1tears
MO Maryland Heights, Missouri lindagarrette
MO Missouri USA DAC
MO Neosho, MO WWJGD?
MT clayber666
MT Montana davidmsc
NC parmenides
NC hehblondie84
NC Levi
NC Julie
NC Shnoogah
NC Klarinettus
NC Boone, NC Alethiometry
NC Charlotte, NC, USA cma
NC Durham, NC minorsevenflat5
NC Durham, NC Dinesh
NC NC valjean
NC Raleigh Drew1776
ND skaldor
NE Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Groovenstein
NE Right here. amadeus-x
NH Tesla
NH Ser
NH Diana
NJ ExCaliforniaMinority
NJ **gReeNeYeS**
NJ Technocratic_Utilitarian
NJ Alexey
NJ PleaSure
NJ Hammonton, NJ Monte Cristo
NJ Madison, New Jersey RationalEgoistSG
NJ Middlesex, NJ zepho
NJ NJ A.West
NJ NJ Atlas51184
NJ New Brunswick, NJ charlottecorday
NJ New Jersey/Chicago Myself
NJ Newark, NJ Toolboxnj
NJ Princeton NJ USA rameshkaimal
NJ Seaside Park, New Jersey Pulsar
NJ Union, NJ Kellymeg80
NV a Duoist
NV Las Vegas, NV Proverb
NV Las Vegas Montesquieu
NY May
NY Eran Dror
NY lbaronnyc
NY Liriodendron Tulipifera
NY Alice
NY BluEarthRotting
NY outtasite07
NY DelightfulReality
NY Chet
NY Shekey
NY nygreenguy
NY Aquila
NY badedas
NY Solomaxwell6
NY Harrison Bergeron
NY Omar B.
NY Omar
NY Culturism
NY pww214
NY julesette
NY Ragnar69
NY Bridget
NY Park Zoo
NY Eric Dennis
NY Brooklyn, NY by way of Gothenburg, Sweden GiveMeLiberty
NY Brooklyn Norm
NY Clinton, NY jrick
NY NYC, USA Eternal
NY New York City (Manhattan) NewYorkRoark
NY New York City AwakeAndFree
NY New York City Kay Ludlow
NY New York City order
NY New York City james_h
NY New York City Free Capitalist
NY New York City Capleton
NY New York, NY Walker
NY New York, New York exaltron
NY New York gadfly
NY Niagara Falls, NY Justin1985
NY Queens, New York IAmMetaphysical
NY Syracuse, NY Felipe
NY The Catskills - NY Fred Weiss
NY Tulsa, OK...soon to be NYC Aspire2Live
OH Trelane
OH LeoLover
OH johncaseyl
OH Melkor
OH the engineer
OH Icarus
OH thinkingfighter
OH forceofmind
OH Daedalus
OH Cleveland, OH engineer
OH Cleveland, Ohio; raised in Lafayette,IN sedriss scott blaine
OH Columbus, OH DavidOdden
OH Dayton, Ohio Joerule84
OH Dayton, Ohio skap35
OH Dayton JMeganSnow
OH Medina, Ohio ds1973
OH Ohio Qwertz
OH Portsmouth, Oh Pete
OH Sandusky, Ohio Illuminaughty
OH Springboro, OH Gweg
OH Springboro mala
OH Toledo. Ohio Gray None
OH USA- columbus, Ohio Sheriff of Atlantis
OK Sabaki
OK Gazz
OK Tulsa Oklahoma shelle39
ON issackd
OR cmot123
OR adjenestep
OR Caelestis
OR OwenKellogg
OR VogonFord
OR Philadelphia/Portland,OR Elysium
OR Portland, Oregon USA BurgessLau
OR Portland, Oregon USA Patrick N.
OR Portland, Oregon Lu Norton
OR Portland Jim Faber
PA ...usually Pasadena or Philadelphia. GoodOrigamiMan
PA aleph_0
PA ithrail
PA Julz
PA Megan Robinson
PA GHaley
PA Jim Austin
PA Central PA Oakes
PA Collegeville, PA Aesthetic Psyche
PA Pennsylvania, USA dark_unicorn
PA Pennsylvania BetTheFarm
PA Pennsylvania Carla
PA Philadelphia Area AndrewSternberg
PA Philadelphia Area TetrisGod
PA Philadelphia, PA Durandal
PA Philadelphia, PA mr911sc
PA Philadelphia, PA JamesDL
PA Philadelphia AspiringObjectivist
PA Pittsburgh PA Richard Roark
PA Pittsburgh, PA BIGBANGSingh
PA Reading steven1972
PA University Park, PA dixiska
RI Ragnar Danneskjold
RI Pawtucket, RI studentofobjectivism
RI Providence, RI Jason W
SC Charleston, SC chriseyh
SC Charleston, SC bidmeadj
SC Greenville, SC dan_edge
SC Greenville, South Carolina CICEROSC
TN Kingsport, TN aynfan
TN Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, Earth, Solar
TN Tennessee by way of Florida erik
TX jamierfc
TX capitalist pirate
TX Liberty Dog
TX Proph69
TX Sebastián
TX GVernau
TX Sherry
TX Charles K. Clarkson
TX Haud Rex
TX Aurora Afiag
TX dbc
TX Locke_and_Rand
TX Vladimir Berkov
TX Alexander Marshall
TX ChrisPorter
TX Sasha
TX aPstheday
TX hurstfamily
TX Austin TX walsh
TX Austin, TX srogers
TX Austin, TX sleepyop
TX Austin, TX RationalBeing
TX Austin, Texas Kyle
TX Carrollton, TX David Wallace Croft
TX College Station, Texas AbsoluteKeenan
TX College Station dwwoelfel
TX Dallas / Fort Worth area Thomas M. Miovas Jr.
TX Dallas TX GreedyCapitalist
TX Dallas, TX Old Toad
TX Dallas, Texas, The Imperial Republic Pancho Villa
TX Dallas/Fort Worth, TX mattieabs
TX Dallas Justino
TX Fort Worth, Texas Dismuke
TX Houston & Sugar Land Texas scottkursk
TX Houston, TX Bold Standard
TX Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Who_Is_GV?
TX Houston, Texas m0zart
TX Huntsville, TX Moose
TX Lubbock, Texas JRoberts
TX Plano, Texas Kirk
TX Plano Lathanar
TX Smithville, Texas kuuipo
TX South Texas Sabine
TX TX deedlebee
TX TX ArmyPatriot
TX Texarse JamesConnolly
TX Texas A&M University, College Station Barstool
TX Texas elsaspet
TX Texas Anatole
TX houston amorparatodavida
UT Jesse W
UT CrazyCat
UT Exabyte
UT colehulse
UT Maurice Enchel
UT Layton, Utah Nim
UT Salt Lake City, Utah jenbryn
UT Utah AshRyan
VA KnockOut
VA mirvin
VA GoodShow
VA trashnglam
VA Izrunas
VA Jam Man
VA Rushter
VA whatdoyouknow
VA Arlington, Va BluesBassman
VA Charlottesville, Virginia schmittyUVA
VA Clifton, Virginia DPW
VA Fairfax, VA dkewatson
VA Fairfax, Virginia Ben
VA Northern Virginia DArcMatter
VA Richmond, VA adlesnia
VA Springfield, VA trader
VA Virginia Beach, VA USA RationalCop
VA Virginia individualistchick
VA Waynesboro, Virginia, USA Vincent
VA right outside of Washington, D.C. Allen Atsea
VT Rosmerta
VT Chicago DamnGirl
WA lethal bacon
WA John
WA Blake Scholl
WA Allenhan
WA Nik
WA Mercurus
WA Guardian-mc2
WA realitycheck44
WA youngone
WA patnut
WA Caulfeild
WA Pangyre
WA abstraKt
WA BigBiz
WA Brett
WA Bainbridge Island, WA Elle
WA Bellevue, WA entripon
WA Everett, WA Rearden_Steel
WA Issaquah, WA Thoyd Loki
WA Lakewood, WA TomR61
WA Redmond, WA Joerj11
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That's interesting. Glad to see the number of Texans. Though I find the most interesting distribution is people from overseas (ie not the US). Other than the UK, it seems to be a realtively fair distribution of members between Israel, Germany etc. Though I know I'll toss it in Excel and play around with them.

I'd be interested in seeing a sort of distribution based on number of posts. Though I'm a total numbers geek that way.

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... people from overseas (ie not the US). Other than the UK...,
Hey Scott! Canada is not yet the 51st U.S. state :) .

I'd be interested in seeing a sort of distribution based on number of posts. Though I'm a total numbers geek that way.
You mean number of posts, distributed by country of poster?
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Hey Scott! Canada is not yet the 51st U.S. state :) .
Like anything Alvin Toffler predicts, just give it a chance. eh. There is a big market for genuine Saskatewan sealskin mucklucks to be had.
You mean number of posts, distributed by country of poster?

Yes. I was interested in the distribution of posts by country/state. Say, Israeli people are more active vs the Brits given the smaller number of people but larger number of posts. Or the number of posts by Ohioans compared to Texans (not counting spelling or capitalization (wink/nudge)) Those are of course just examples. And also I would like to point out that I'm not comparing output to quality.

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