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My friend says thank you. :P He doesn't do photography for a living, but it is one of his more regular hobbies. The lighting, fog, etc. were the stage lighting, our lighting, and our fog machine. There was no set-up for the picture. He just took a live action shot on his digital camera. I don't know any specifics about the camera.

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Loving my crappy $14 dollar digital camera.

I guess I got what I paid for. :)



My mug. I was trying to look less...angry? I usually look like I'm ready to beat the hell out of somebody...I guess because I stare too directly. It usually makes people angry and/or uneasy.


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Well, here is an expanded picture from my avatar, a picture of me with my grandpa, and a baby picture! baby pictures are always fun. Well, almost always. The photographer blew bubbles in my eyes, which is why I was crying. Stupid lady!

Dagny, I'm getting a kick out your husband squinting in that last picture. ha ha!

Ravane, you don't look mad in that picture to me. That picture makes you look a lot like Meg Ryan! Or maybe you really do look like her! :D




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Yes Dagny, I used to be Concerto of Atlantis, but I was having a few troubles with my account, so I started a new one, using my actual name.

Although I have no participated in the forums for about a year, I did read some of the topics on a regular basis.

I actually think Ravane looks like an Ayn Rand character! Sharp features, tight lips, the direct stare, etc.

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Yeah. Apparently I'm not good-looking enough to get a smile from you. :P

Just kidding. :D

I don't do the smile thing. I'm too cool for that. B)

But seriously, I don't like the smile feature- I'd prefer people send me actual, contextual messages. If you're not going to bother trying to covey what about me you find interesting, or start a meaningful conversation, why should I, in turn, make the effort to contact you?

Edited by Ravane
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